Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Exploding Stash

First to the nice news. The picture is of redbud bushes blooming along Interstate 5 near Corning, California. If you look in the back ground (may strain your eyes) you can see some mountains off towards the west with snow still showing. There for I named the picture Redbud n' Snow. Original isn't it. I took this picture as the car was moving and yes I was driving, on my last trip north to Moms.

Next to 'splain the title of the blog. This weekend I am due to get new windows put in my studio/office. The contractor doing said job, ask that the yarn all be removed along with a few small quilting projects that are on the UFO list. Well I thought this would take a few minutes to stuff in plastic bags and store in spare bedroom. WRONG!!! This tells me I have been out of control again. So I am planning this afternoon to lay out all the UFO's and put them in a Que. Most important to..... maybe frogging even. There should be a rule (ok, maybe a law even). Everyone has to pack up and move all hobbies annually. Along with changing batteries in smoke alarms and that sort of thing. Living alone nobody notices or says anything about my explosions of items. But families might like this rule/law.

No I did not take a photo of this before. I may do an after as I also plan on painting this dark paneled room. With new windows and lighter color walls things will be easier on the eyes. I have a large living room, dining room, kitchen with a small breakfast area, but I find I spend more time in this room than any other. Its comfortable, cozy, and has a huge old old old arm chair that is use to my body. The footstool is storage for scraps of yarn. To say it all ITS MY ROOM. The cat can have the others.

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Susan said...

Hi Janice,
I got the Grey's Anatomy stitch markers here

Try emailing her to see if she will have more in stock.

I love'um!
Good luck -Susan.