Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If it can go wrong it will

I would usually be uploading a picture or two cuz I know you hate reading books with out them, but since my windows program is all screwed up I won't be doing that today.

I will just be using my words. I wanted to post photo's of grandson's graduations. Julien graduated the 8th grade this year. Shelby also graduated but they did not have a ceremony. The oldest grandson, Mason, graduated from high school in VA.

His duty during the ceremony was to introduce the guest speaker. I have now seen a video of this and he did a terrific job. The guest speaker was one very important person in our recent lives. Colin Powell!!! It was just so terrific to see the video and I can't even share it with you.

Tis the season, if it can fall apart it will. First: The airbag light is on in my little car. I can not get it in for repair till next week. Which means I am traveling this weekend to see Mother, with out airbags in my little bug.
Second: My computer has burped or something, and my windows program is not working well at all. I will have to bribe Mr. "T" (for techno) over to help set up a new hard drive and see if he can retrieve what ever it is that got lost.
Third: My I pod laid down and attempted to die on me. Now I can't do yard work with out being plugged into tunes, it is just miserable not having something pleasant in my ears when I am cussing loudly at all the huge thorns on the bushes I am trying to get rid of.
Fourth: The shawl I was trying so hard to finish to take to Mother, had a problem. A BIG problem. I tinked back 4 rows, and I finally bagged it up and went to 'Filati's' while the boss was in today. She spent 2 hours correcting the errors of my way. Janice is an amazing knitter and I can vouch for it after her work on my mess today. Janice, THANK YOU!!
I am one lucky person to work with someone that is that good at a hobby she loves so much, she has a business to bring the outstanding yarns to others.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Home from a great trip. Actually am slow in writing, but have been home now for a week. See the above photo. That is 5 grands from the east coast and some old lady in the photo, taken Mothers Day. I had such a wonderful time. Weather was just perfect. I got lots of time to see kids and the little guy and I did just great together for days while I watched him. We went for lots of walks, down to the LYS and also down to Dad's office. Ever reluctant to leave there, this time I got a 2 day delay as I got some bug. Daughter in law took charge, sent me to Kaiser and got me a new flight home. Not a good way to prolong a vacation, let me tell you.

Had great visits with the girls at DC Stitches, and found a comfortable place to sit down and knit. My friend named "Knittingcats" on Twitter, needs to venture to the shop. And the weekend Craft Fair and Flea Market is always an enjoyment to wander thru. Even had a fruit crepe that was outstanding for breakfast one morning.

I can check off one more site in DC that I finally got to visit. Talked son into going up to the National Cathedral. I have always wanted to see it. Much bigger than I had thought it would be and it has been a work in progress for many many yrs. The windows were beautiful, the marble floors outstanding. There were reg tourist groups visiting. Jeff, Jackson and I just wandered and looked. Then we went up to visit the towers with such outstanding views of Washington DC.

Am back home and at work on both jobs again. The sixteen yarn shops in this area are holding a 'Yarn Shop Hop' starting tomorrow, June 3rd. We will be busier at work. Right now going into the summer season things quiet down some during this time of the year. Yarns, books and new buttons beeing ordered for fall.

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Jackson below looking as beautiful as he alway does. He takes sign language classes with his mother every Sat and it is so sweet watching him doing his little signs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Days

Had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! Its nice to be with son and family for Mothers Day. Usually I go to see my Mom. This year but I traded the holiday out for a trip east to see the 5 grands living here, and their parents. I got to have a photo taken of the grands and myself. Now while I don't usually care to be in the photo's, this was an easy do and I paid the guy extra to remove at least 75% of the wrinkles out of my face and like magic it worked. Have been down to DC Stitches once since I have been here. Seems like the days go by fast and not as much gets done as I think I should do. I did meet a lady here that I need to go see again. She is excited about the knitting world and I offered a few tips. I would like to see her get started on a top down sweater. Have given her the suggestion for Knitting Pure And Simple pattern. They are great starter sweaters as you don't face a bunch of seams to put together and a knitter can see some instant rewards after the sweater comes off the needles. Maybe we should walk to DC stitches with a stop at Eastern Market for some dinner supplies today. I might be able to check out patterns and get this person started on a sweater before I leave here.

What knitting I have gotten done is on a sweater from the new Interweave Knits Magazine, summer 2009. Sweater is called Elemental Boatneck and I am doing it in yarn called for,Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy yarn. I got the yarn on sale at Filati's Fine Yarn. It had been dropped down again in the Spring Sale we had in April. Colorway is Black!! (don't tell friends but BLACK is a color)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Here I am!!

Here I am, in Washington, DC, being a Grammie. I love it here and was asked to come back and take care of the now 15 month old baby while his reg nanny goes on
a vacation. We have lunch dates scheduled, yarn shops to visit and serious fun for the 2 of us next week. I also get hugs and love from the 4 older kids. Mason leaves soon for college, Shelby is getting taller and still loves soccer, Harrison also plays soccer. Lindsay is the same. Love her lots. I will come up with a few new photo's soon of Jackson's California/Oregon travels. He was a very busy boy for a few weeks traveling.
I also hope soon to get an external hard drive for my computer so I can again download some knitting photos. I have finished a Noro, top down, cardi that I really like. I finished it up in time to bring with me east. Also finished up a pair of small socks. Half sock for myself done at LAX Weds nite as what was to be a 2 hour lay over became a 5 hour lay over. I am know knitting on a summer top from the new Interweave Knits. Using Hempathy Yarn and love the feel of it knitted up. Met a new knitter here in DC. Met her first time yrs ago but didn't know she knitted. I hope to get her started on a cotton sweater, top down before I leave. In today's age I am just a phone call away. More to be posted later.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Once a Month

It appears I am posting once a month. Mostly cuz I can't download photos from my camera as I need to clear out my files to give myself room on the hard drive. BUT this picture arrived in the mail this morning. Its Mr. JST in person. Don't ya love the dirty sock and saggy diaper. I believe he is headed upstairs to get dressed for the day. I will be flying back on May 6th, to take care of him for a week while his nanny is on vacation. Not going to be the tiny baby I took care of a year ago, I feel this is going to be a work out following someone this busy.

I have been knitting as fast as I can. Trying to finish up the wool projects so I can move into the area of cotton before the heat arrives.

For those of you that have not visited Filati's lately you will be in for a delightful surprise!!! The 'real' Janice has done a whole new lay out of the yarn. And does it ever look GRAND! We are gearing up for our sale which starts April 16th. Put it on your calendar. We will be ready for you.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stitches and Stuff

Stitches was great!!! And no I didn't get any photo's. The yarns were wonderful, button booth with great buys and seeing that many people who have the same addiction I have, is always a thrill. Seeing so many in items they have created is like a knitting fashion show in its self. Felted wore her new red sweater and looked very sweet in it. Turned out great Felted! I wore a shawl I had made last summer and saw plenty of other shawls wandering the market place.

My purchases consisted of buying the 'Simple Style' book, 3 patterns for little jackets, buttons, and of course yarn. I finally settled on my yarn for the 'Lady Eleanor' Shawl and yarn for a cardigan. I don't believe that sales were as high this year as others. The lines for check out at Webs didn't seem as long and same for the Yarn Barn. I was told there were 10% fewer vendors this year. All in all we had a great day.
The only photo I have this writing, is of our Monday Knitting Group. That is me in the center front trying to figure out what knitting is. I always have that puzzled look on my face. Ok girls pick out which looks like yourself!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Trip and....

This Friday is the annual trip to Santa Clara for Stitches West. There will be 4 of us on this trip. MM and the Head Frog will be joining Linda and I as we race down the road to get in line for Market Place. I have my bag all packed, including patterns that I may want to look for yarn for. An extra bag to carry all purchases, snacks, camera and such. This is such a fun day. We will leave at 7 AM and return home long after my bedtime!!

Next is guess who on his first birthday. Here he is wondering why his cake is on fire and how is he to ever eat it like that. I think the hat is adorable and I am thinking his mother blew out the candle.

At the end of a week of birthday parties Jackson has his jammies on ready to climb the stairs to bed. He seems like a happy baby so all the parties and gifts must of been great. Daddy will be the one to end the day by tucking him in.

Have a great week and maybe next writing I will have photo's of Stitches to share.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching up!

Been awhile hasn't it. Time flies when you are having fun. Working 2 jobs and attempting to knit maybe 10 rows on a sweater in a week. I am sorry I seem to be falling behind. Do you realize I have been keeping this blog for 2 yrs now? That is a huge commitment..... and surprisingly you are not all bored yet!!!
The above Mr. Teddy is one I knitted for Jackson's first birthday which was Feb 7, 2009. Yes the little guy is growing. I was thinking I would have a couple birthday photo's to share with you but not yet. The sweater was also his birthday present. I do have photo's of him with these items but for some reason, in my very limited ability, I can't get them to transfer from the Kodak acct son sends them to. The little sweater and bear were fun to create. I have little blue ladybugs for buttons on the upper shoulder for easier access for his head. Why is it babies have such big heads when they are so small yet.

Jackson is now walking and I received 2 darling video's of him doing so. Such a star!!!

Other grandkids are all doing great. Mason, who is now 18, has applied to 7 colleges and as of this date has been accepted to 4 of them. Two of the colleges are on the west coast but in the state of Washington and Oregon. Shelby seems to keep getting the best ever grades and has 4 yrs of high school ahead of her. Harrison is busy being Jackson's big brother. Its a job he takes very serious and will be the one to teach him the important things. Soccer and such. Julien turned 14 last week and I had a great time taking him shopping for his present. What does an old lady know about buying clothes and such for a 14 year old. Kelsey as always is the family artist. She is so easy to shop for.

Last but not least I leave you with 2 photo's of Jackson. He got his first car for Christmas this year. This is one that doesn't go out on the highway. Just bulldozes everything in the house.

Mason is teaching Jackson all about opening gifts. First you have to read who the gift is for then who sent it before shredding the wrapping paper. Jackson is listening to every word his brother tells him.

I will update with birthday photo's soon!!!!

Ok Felted you can stop with the nagging now.