Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can ya hear Willie Nelson singin.....On the Road Again

Can ya hear me singing? On the Road Again..... or better yet just listen to Willie Nelson singing it. Easier on the ears. I am picking up son at noon at airport, along with grand daughter and we are driving north to see Mt. Shasta and take care of Mother for a week. The knitting is packed, the clothes almost packed. I am dreading the heat of the valley and if my air conditioner in car will hold up. I can survive around here without AC but a long road trip is another story. It is to be 106 upon our return next Friday.
I am sending you fireworks early as I won't be posting from Mom's. I havn't moved that side of my family into the techno stage of life. My brother does not know how to make a cell phone work, and the computer sitting in the basement came over on the Mayflower. Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday tomorrow Roo.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bump Sweater (close your eyes Kim)

Knitting along on the 'Bump Sweater' from Natural Knits for Babies and Mom's. This is a Lousia Harding book with great simple but cute clothing for both Mom and Baby. I have also done the Kimono Baby wrap in some teal colored yarn that will be easy to launder and is a contemporary color. Most yarns I have purchased for the new one will go either on a boy or girl. But it will be fun to find out. As to the Mom's sweater, it is an easy knit also done in neutral color to go. I will finish the back this afternoon and cast on for the front. The front part is short rows to give the 'bump' look. Sides are laced up to give some room to adjust as the tummy grows. I have not seen to many patterns for Maternity clothing. This seems to be a wide open area for new designers to look at. Hint Hint. I realize its a short term wear for some but every woman needs to feel good and look her best.

I hope to finish front of sweater on trip north to Mothers on Sat. Thats a good 5 hours of non stop knitting. The sleeves are knitted side to side as is the top.

I didn't make it to knitting group today as I was to have the kids but that didn't work out. I will make it to Teaz tomorrow night for the Chicks with Sticks Meet up. Then Thursday is road trip day with Felted and SSChar. We are going to take in the 2 Elk Grove Yarn Shops and one in West Sacramento. Two of the 3 shops I have not been to. This is not a sit and knit day this is a see and wish day for yarns. I am looking for buttons for my next sweater. I just about know what I want and guess I should take the yarn with me to make sure. I also have my cable sweater to finish this fall and it will need 4 large buttons.

I am soooooo sure I am going to finish this 'Bump' sweater in next 8 days that I have packed up my Doctors Bag yarn and pattern. I would love to have that cast on by time we return.

I am lucky this trip that Jeff will be with me to help on a couple fronts. One Mother and her business that he can do. The other to give a slight break from time to time. I hope to sneak over to Ashland for a quick run through Websters. I love buying there as there is no tax in the state of Oregon. I should remember to make a list of needles and items I can purchase.

The below cartoon sort of expresses how I feel some days. Getting ready for subdivision inspection is driving me nuts. I just think I have the place ready and the wind blows leaves down, the shrubs decide to grow more for re pruning. Never ending!!!!!! How dare they. Ok, Kim you can open your eyes now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So much yarn so little time

Am still knitting stuff for the small one and have a sweater on the needles for daughter in law. But I am dreaming of knitting the above bag from Tracy Ullman's book Knit 2 Together. Its called the Doctors Bag. I also had scored enough Malabrigo Yarn in the above color way to do it in. I think this was purchased for a sweater but turns out to be perfect for this bag. Piled on top of yarn is handles that I had bought at Knitterly's in Petaluma. You know a girl can never have enough bags. Also Bags always fit no matter what you eat or don't eat. Another plus for bags. On an emergency road trip last Friday, to a yarn sale in Elk Grove at Knitique. I bought a Namaste bag. Very nice and a great color. I have so many ideas to knit the rest of my life would be needles in hand.

In 2 weeks I will be going on another road trip north to Mothers. As it stands at this time, son will be flying out and driving me up and back. And that means 10 hours of free knitting time. That will get me some serious stitchin done. Plus the time at Mom's when we are just sitting around.

Today was a great day. Grandson is back working with us 3 days a week. It means Grammie gets to take him home at noon and we have commute time together. Next week is birthday shopping day and a trip to the theater with Granddaughter to see Nancy Drew. She is reading the books now I read as a child. My has Nancy grown up. She nows drives a fancier car, has a cell phone and uses a computer. So unlike the Nancy I remembered that just relied on Ned and Bes to help her solve the best mysteries. I am so proud of this Granddaughter. At 8 years old she and 2 of her friends had their long long hair cut off to donate for wigs for cancer patients. Pretty good for a small group of small girls. Granddaughter on east coast is playing soccer like a champ. You go girls.... love it!!! Sad to say only one of the two knits though.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Born Friends

In previous posts I have told you about growing up in Northern California. I actually moved to Yreka when I was three years old and had a built in group of friends all waiting. We were born friends. Most of our mothers were friends before our birth and it was a natural in a small town that we would all become friends. What a person doesn't know at that age, and if you don't ever move away, these are the faces and people you will spend the first 18 years of your life with, and what an amazing experience.

You also don't realize till later in life how important these people are to you. Above is the photo of most of us in Mrs. Newton's Kindergarten Class. I was lucky. This is a group of small people who you really want for lifetime friends. Kindergarten was amazing, once I stopped crying that is. I was scared. I started when I was 4 1/2, having never been to what is now commonly called pre-school. We had stay at home Mom's. This fantastic group had been play mates and birthday party friends. Now I was in a strange place with a stranger in charge. It was flat out scary. My first memory of school was half way through the year and the day Mrs. Newton announced to the class "Isn't it nice that Janice doesn't cry anymore." I had been crying non stop for months. That teacher deserved a metal. My first boyfriend was Jim B. I saw Jim B. last week and all these years later we look at each other and laugh over this time. He arriving at my front door for Valentines Day with the biggest heart shaped box of chocolates a girl could ever wish for. While his mother and my mother smiled at each other over the tops of our heads. In the second grade we had Miss. Lilly. I have heard Jim tell the story of the day he kissed me on the cheek during the Pledge of Allegiance, and Miss Lilly picked up the yard stick and cracked him over the head, never missing a word. Most of us girls joined brownies about the 3rd grade. I still have pictures of us in our little uniforms. Some of the school pictures through out the years show us still in scouting. My new friend from Dunsmuir was Fran. She moved to Yreka when we were 8. Her mother along with mine became our scout leaders. There were others but I can't remember them all.
I remember play times with Susan T., Nana W. Danny B. They were not called play dates, they were just playing outside after school. The other activity I did was take tap dance lessons. My father alway referred to me as 'half step' cuz I was a half step behind the rest during dance recitals. We went to day camp in the summer, swimming lessons at the pool run by Sheryl's mother. Every day at 3 pm the pool would be cleared for us to get out and lay on our towels to prevent us from getting polio. It was a frightening time for this illness.
Other kids joined our class during all of grammer school. They moved from smaller towns into the 'city' of Yreka and stayed to finish our the school years. Alas, I lost Jim as my boy friend around the 4th Grade when the girl I was most afraid of took him away. We laugh so much about this today.

Mother has told me so many times when I was in the 5th Grade Mrs. Lange would call her saying she didn't know what to do with me. Mother said if she heard Mrs. Lange say one more time ' Janice just doodles the day away' she was going to move me to another class. I think a few other mothers heard the same story. We went on to finish grammer school and graduate to Yreka High School. My father had attended school here and the building was still standing. (amazing, huh Dad ?) My new locker buddy was a friend from Grenada who had come into the 'city ' to high school. Evie and I remained locker buddies for the entire high school years, I beleive. She joined our group of life long friends.

The social life went into full swing in high school. How could anyone be expected to study when there were football games, basketball games, drill team, and so much to do. We would go to the old gym at noon and pour change into the juke box and dance. Life was good!! The afternoons that we raced to Sondra's house to watch and dance to American Bandstand after school. There were White and Gold's Year Books and getting as many to sign your book as possible. Not only do I have mine I have my Dad's White and Golds. Mine still sit here in the studio on a shelf, and every so often someone mentions a name I have to look up.

After graduation, most went off to college and a few of us choose to get married and have children. I choose the last. All in all we are a lucky bunch of people. We have all attended the reunions, and somewhere along the line about 10 years ago decided that wasn't enough. We needed to see more of each other. So about every 2 years we meet at Daralyn's home in Yreka. We laugh, we talk, we remember and we hug alot. What a group and what a lucky person I am to have them around.

The second picture posted is Fran, Susan T. and myself. I have several group shots of this kind. I also have one of me in my LIME green satin accordian shirt. Jim S. and I laugh when we think of us wearing those in public even. And yes, I still have my accordian even.

This is just a small part of the years of us that were 'Born Friends'.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I miss you still !!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

GUESS !!!!!!!!

Ok. Guess whats new in my life?? Go ahead. Try to figure it out. If you can't guess by now check the photo's. Does that help you?

YES!!!! An new grandchild. This makes my 7th. This is my Mother's 10th GreatGrand Child. I hope Grandma B gets a chance to hold the tiny one. I am so excited I am checking out all the following. I got this book on Sat. Its full of cute little mini items. I am guessing this will be great summer knitting. I will be thrilled when I find out if its a boy or a girl. Not for the Pink or Blue factor, but I have to know which side to put the button bands on.

The above sweater I started last night. I will hold off on the fronts till I know which way the buttons will go. I guess in my excitement I will be posting about the knitted items. Close your eyes Kim, so you don't see till I send them to you.

I also have itty bitty pieces of yarn to make the booties at the top. Are they not the cutest things ever, and so small. I will use left over yarns for several pairs of these so that their little feet will stay warm. I have already knitted one small hat but need to search my baby hat book for more ideas. These baby things are so small you only knit about 4 inches before you are cutting in for the sleeves. Now that is fast knitting.
Kim are your eyes still closed? Ok...... I also got yarn to make her a sweet little sweater to be worn this next fall and winter. Very cute. I won't post pictures till its done and on its way. I am very excited about this new little one.
If you see me this summer with a smile on my face knitting away. You can bet what ever I am working on will be for the new one.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Yarn Harlot

ROAD TRIP !!!!!!!!!!

To see who else......... THE YARN HARLOT.

This trip was all about the laughter. It started 3 blocks out when while waiting in line at fast food to get us fuel for the body. Felted drove the 'Toaster' and did a wonderful job. We arrived in Petaluma at 2 pm, only to discover the line had started into the book store already.
Picked up our tickets and did a little walk around the area shopping. We found the LYS "The Knitterly" and what a sweet little store this is. The help was happy to see us. The yarns looked wonderful. Great place you have ladies. We walked away with our shopping bags full of some great local sock yarn, in a great color way. Same Sock Char and myself bought the same colorway. She will probably get hers knitted up before I do. We made a speedy trip to Whole Foods for some dinner to go and back in line in our chairs. Once again, I have managed to photograph Felted in the process of eating. This time I am posting it.

We were seated at 5 pm, left our knitting bags and off to find a Starbucks to load up on fuel we knew later would be needed to get us home. Back in time for to see Stephaine Pearl-Mcfee start right on time at 7 pm. I linked her blog to let you see her side of the evening.

Stephaine was everything funny and more. A more down to earth lady I have never seen. She had 200 plus people laughing from the opening till the end. During the book signing portion, she took time with each person. We felt like the special one for that moment. Stephaine you are one of a kind and I hope to see and hear you again. I will be first in line instead of 12th. Thank you for being all we were told about you. You instilled the fact we are a strong community in everyway. A group of knitters that are to be acknowledged for being a caring giving group of people. Who knit for charities, who face the world one stitch at a time and prove who we are.

The photo of SSChar, Felted and Stephaine is blurry. I tried to edit it and this is the best I could get. Sorry girls am posting it anyway. Live with it!!!!

Stephaine's current book of which my signed copy is sitting on my nightstand as knitting reading is required in bed when you can't be actually knitting. THANKS Felted, SSChar and Stephaine for a day and evening well enjoyed by me. Thank you to Copperfield books for being ready for all those knitting persons.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Socks, Shawls and Whales

One Skein Shawl from Knitters Review. I took her idea but used 2 skns and dropped needle size down to 13. I like the slightly more solid look of this. Yarn is Garnstudio's Silke-Tweed, I also like the way it drapes. Probably going to wear this on Thursday when we go to see the Yarn Harlot in Petaluma, CA. This is a fast knit up, about 2 evenings, and was on the Knitters Review News letter, about six weeks ago. Have another being blocked for a friend in SOCAL. Socks on the left are toe ups I have started. The color one is because Felted wants a 'cute to my taste' sock to have on Thursday. I have no idea if this will meet her standards. The sock on the right are the top down. I can stand both ways of making socks but tend to like the fit of the toe up better.

Life has side tracked me a bit for last 10 days or so, reason for no current posting since the 25th of May . But am back on track and going great. Rest of my time has been spent working in yard. I should stop and take a picture. I cleared front flowerbed and got 4 English Lavender plants in the ground. Good thing too cuz I had bought them on Mothers Day and they had out grown their containers. I have front yard pretty cleared up and just need to get some kind of edging around the flower bed. Side yard is slow but getting there. Heat is starting and I don't do heat. So the little time I have is in mornings when I am not at work.

For those that don't live in area but read this blog, the Whales moved out to sea last week and are on their trip north. They vacationed here for a little over 2 weeks and are healthier after a couple doses of antibiotics. The were unable to tag them so we will never know their ventures from here on out. I was amazed to see the changes in their skin texture when they started to move back into the salt water. The skin smoothed out and we were told the water would also help their wounds heal. Interesting what we learn when these things happen. Some are glad to have the port and Sacramento River back for recreation and fishing. Coast Guard Boats kept everyone with in 500 feet of the whales for safety.

Have a great week. Promise to try to post more often, maybe!