Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where have I been for a week you ask? No where, but knitting lots. Hot on the needles is Flair. This is a pattern from Wendy @ Knit and Tonic. This is an easy knit top down cute little jacket. Am ready to put sleeves on waste yarn and start on body. Knitting this out of stash.... Araucania Nature Wool Chunky. Colorway teal. Mindless knitting is just what I need lately. My mind wanders to far from home to take on detail patterns. This is so fast and easy I do have another one in mind for a Christmas present. Wendy writes a nice easy to read pattern, and has a few she has written on her blog. My next show and tell for the last day of Sept. is this Cascade 128. Its in a dark gray colorway that is being discontinued by Cascade. I love knitting with this yarn works up easy and fast and feels like a dream. Not sure what sweater this will be yet but couldn't pass up the great price at my LYS. Its alway nice to find enough for a sweater on a sale table.
The last two items for new baby. Hat to match the already posted sweater. I seem to have not realized I had another skein of this yarn as it yelled at me from my shelf.... HAT HAT HAT..... so that is an evenings knitting this week. The box of goodies to go back east to the new baby is just about complete. The sock pic is the last little tiny pair of socks to get knitted for him. Again this is a fast one evening knit.

The final picture of the day is my real find of the week. The neighborhoods semi annual yard sale was Friday and Saturday. I work in the mornings and thought it a relief I would not be shopping at the sales. As I returned home at noon I figured it would be safe to make a couple stops at houses. Well first stop and with in 3 mins I had bought 2 trunks for $10.00. One very old covered in canvas with some of the leather straps missing. But otherwise in great shape. The second is a metal small newer trunk. Both are good for Yarn stash storage. As I made 2 fast trips around the neighborhood bringing home the trunks I made a terrible find..... the above 2 wicker chairs. These are vintage I would say. Some glue, to refasten the wicker and lots of white paint will be required. I took them out of the garage this morning and sprayed them down good with some bug stuff. I know wicker can carry bugs around. I will not be finishing these up till I get the roof on the back deck. Then they will be there along with a small white table that also needs painting.... working and putting this house back together seems to never end.

I had a great dinner last night with my 2 grandkids and son in law. I always love my time with them. Then Shelby turned 13 today. She lives on the east coast and also lives for soccer. She ordered a hat for her birthday. Now to find out what style and what color and of course it won't get delivered today. Happy Birthday my soccer playing granddaughter.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round n' Round

The wheels on the bus go round 'n round. Gee, thanx Cher, I am glad to be done with this sweater so I can quit singing the song. It is a top down pattern of Ann Norlings, and I do love doing the top downs. Easy knitting.

I have yarn in my stash for 2 nice cotton t shirt type top down sweaters for myself. They will go great with jeans for work this winter. Very easy knitting.

Next photo is of the newborn hat and socks. I am sending these with a note that the baby better wear them home from hospital, cuz they won't fit much longer than that time line.

The bottom photo is of EZ Baby Surprise. I am doing it with my Friday Nite Knitters in a small KAL....I will be back knitting on it tonight.

I also want to start the Flair sweater from Knit and Tonic's blog site. I have some Paton's shetland Chunky Tweeds, in a charcoal colorway. The weather has changed here and some mornings a sweater is needed. The weather has changed enough that its time to dig out all the larger items I had started and do some serious finishing. My list of to do can wait.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Car Cover anyone?

Not a lot of knitting this week. Seems I have been side tracked with painting, deep cleaning of closets and kitchens. I do miss my knitting and am just sure this car vest will look lovely on my VW bug when I get around to it. I probably have the required yarn around the house here and won't have to buy much more. The buttons may be a problem, finding them the right size.
I did manage to bind off on the top down cardigan for baby. I now refer to this as the wheels on the bus go round and round, as this is the sweater with the cute little bus buttons. Someone mentioned reading that and the song has been floating around in my empty head for a week now.
I have also cast on for an EZ baby surprise sweater. The whole pattern looks confusing to me and I think I may of made 3 attempts at starting this and ended up frogging them all. This time I am in a small KAL with the Friday Nighttime Needlers group.
Since the extreme temps have dropped here I am wanting to finish up all baby knitting and move on to some things for my self, sitting on the shelf here starting at me. I so far only have one reasonable size project in mind for Christmas knitting. But first all baby items finished and in the mail. Then back to our regular schedule knitting.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Please Remember

Tomorrow is the 6th year since 9/11. Please do not forget to fly a flag and remember all those serving in the Middle East and other nations. We have been safe from attacks for the last 6 years due to the military and others protecting us.

On the knitting front, I have finished another small hat and socks set for the new baby. They are so cute and miniature looking I don't want to even send them off. I just want to look at them and how tiny they are. On the needles now is a top down cardigan for a 9-12 month old. I am knitting this in a dark blue with the cutest little school bus buttons. I am trying to plan for a early spring baby, so he will have something to wear the following winter. This is the new Cotton Ease yarn, which is great and easy to knit with.

The pattern for the top down sweater is an Ann Norling. I have done 2 small top downs, this one and another that was a Pure and Simple pattern. I have to say I think both patterns are great. The Ann Norling for the multi gauge sizes the pattern gives you to seek out different yarns. The Pure and Simple patterns are much easier knitting and I think I will be sticking with them in the future. I have a couple of the Pure and Simple sweater patterns for myself. Great easy knitting.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Luciano Pavarotti left the world with more fans than Opera ever had before. I was lucky enough to see him perform in 1996 at UNR in Reno. Was an amazing voice.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hot! Heat! and Socks

My only completed knitting in over a week. Blue for a baby boy. This was a fun knit for a couple days. Just a basic little hat and some small socks to match. Mindless knitting in the heat.
During the heat wave I was scheduled to have windows replaced in the kitchen. On the day the largest window was removed we hit a high of 106 degrees. Yeah!! I did alot of wandering around the house...... mumbling, moaning, and am sure whining out loud. So knitting was not getting done at this house. I did catch up on some blog reading and want to send out congrats to Cara who is has announced this morning she is to have a new little one. Her excitement for knitting spreads over all who read her blog. I hope she finds the same excitement in knitting for a little one.
Windows are in, the finish work needs to be done and I am back on track with knitting small items. Nothing for me, as those are big projects are on hold till the heat wave passes. I do tend to be moved by Brooklyntweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket . This man has so much talent its impressive to follow his knitting. Jared has also had his first pattern published in the Fall Interweave Knits.

Leaving you with the next small hat and there is enough yarn for small socks to match. Like I said at the start.... Nice Mindless Knitting at what I hope is near the end of the heat of summer.