Saturday, March 03, 2007

Knitting My Life Away

The skys are clearing, the sun is brightly shining, you can actually go outside without getting a major attack of goosebumps. Its time to put down the needles and face the weeds, leaves, winter mess. I don't want to. I miss winter already. Where the rains poured and a good day off meant sweats, good snacks and needles going. I went to meet a friend yesterday for lunch. We sat in the resturant from 12:30 PM till 4:15 PM, knitting along with the quick bite to eat. I got home about 4:45, checked the mail, looked at a quick round of news on tv, ate a half sandwich and left to go to Nighttime Needlers. (My usualy Friday Nite Knitting group.) I came home fell into bed and got up this morn and made a trek out to another LYS to see what is going on sale next week. In the last 24 hours, other than sleeping, has been all about knitting. I was fighting the spring weather I beleive. I was pushing back the possibility that yard work would be calling my name. I even stopped at another friends house coming home to avoid seeing the weeds. I pulled into the garage and was going to quickly shut the door before I could hear the yardwork calling my name. I could no longer delay so I did spend 30 minutes pulling some weeds a bit ago. Then the yard man drove up and I was so happy to see him I came in the house. I didn't want to over do Spring here by pulling to many weeds, and heavens forbid, not have any for another day. I leave you with a picture of the moon I took last nite walking to Nighttime Needlers.

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