Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March 15, 2005

Blog?, BLOG? A word I had never heard of a year and half ago and here I am with one. Most blogs I have read are people who manage to keep a running journal of everyday life and a track record of their knitting projects. Yarn, book purchases. I see it as an inventory of life along with an inventory of knitting supplies and knitted items.
I will start off with I have lived in my new house for 5 months the 21st of this month. Life on your own is hard enough to deal with but life in a house where the landlord is not a phone call away, is something else. I have given in and hired a handyman once and will more than likely will be doing it again.
Five months of no power for first 3 days in new house, no heat for weeks, skunks that moved in underneath and took up residence, making my wonderful new home smell like hell. Painting is another thing I have done. I won't be applying for any painters positions. What a terrible task. I have 2 bathrooms that need redoing. Painted the guest room....... Well a friend did, so Mother has a place to stay when she visits. My bedroom seems to be the last mess to deal with but most of that can't be done till the bathrooms are done.
I also have to have new siding done on the outside, some drainage to deal with and then have the outside of the house painted. I want new kitchen cabinets and counter tops. White of course. I have taken what was a dark paneled house and covered the inside with white paint to help bring lite in. I love the small deck off the back of the dinning room. It has access off the bedroom and in summer time will still beable to sleep outside.
The house has been my main concern for this last several months but I have also been able to do some knitting. I finished 2 poncho's for Christmas gifts and am almost done with a "Best Friends" sweater from the Sally Melville Knit Book. I have also finished 6 small easter chicks which I will add a picture for later. I have joined the knitters forum and met one lady that lives in the community that knits like I do.
That brings you somewhat up todate on my life since my move to Roseville. I miss living in Nevada City, but life is about changes. I am closer to 2 of my grand children and try to see them more often.