Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

A week since I last posted. I spent 2 wonderful days home over the weekend. Knitting, reading, and a little house work tossed in to keep me on top of things. I worked on a small baby cap and kimono that I will send to son and wife. It was knitted in white and as soon as I add the Icord ties I will put a photo on blog. This has become my record of knitting along with other things going on in my life. Both grandkids living near me have been sick with flu and now daughter is. I don't think I will go near them till winter is over and after I spray everyone with some Lysol. One person at work came into day with cold he has been fighting for a week or more. I need to take some clorex wipes to work tomorrow and clean phone and computer keyboard. I have started back to work on my Clapotis and am picking right up with pattern and seem to be able to remember most sections, so I don't have to follow stitch by stitch. That annoys me. I will soon go back north to see Mother. My brother and I will be moving her soon as she can't stay where she is any longer. She is doing so well and getting so much stronger its a shame to move her from that setting. I don't think she will be happy living with my brother and his wife but she does not want to go back to assisted care living again either.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Friendly Little Critter.....

A great nite of knitting with a big slice of cheesecake for everyone last nite!! Just what I needed when I am making slight attempts at eating healthy. A request of both kids. I skipped all classes ever offered on will power. I have none, zip, nada........ I did almost finish one small white baby hat and picked up the other 2 sks of yarn for a small sweater for a new born. I will get those done soon and shipped off east. I do need to lay down my needles and do a little mid winter yard clean up, while weather is good, and need to run a duster and vaccum the through out the house and wipe down a counter or 2. Buttttttt its just nice to sit and knit. Enjoy this pet. It is house broken, requires no feeding or sheds all over. Its just a cute view of yarn on the hoof.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Trip was Great

A wonderful weekend was had by all. Four days with just my 2 kids, staying in a wonderful B&B, that was my Grandmothers house when I was growing up. We had great weather and the best thing ever happened. My Mother is up and walking. She is doing it with help now, but on her way to walking on her own soon, I am sure. Seeing Mother after 3 weeks we could all see such a huge improvement in her. I do need to get her to the beauty shop for a hair cut, but on the whole she looooooked wonderful. I got my 10 hours of knitting in by wearing my brand new ear light that I bought at the Discovery Store. I recommend them to others who read, knit or what ever. It works better than a book light as its actually on your right ear, therefore not weighing the book down. I worked on the Clapotis and its coming right along I am on set 4 on section 3. Amazing the routine of the pattern is in play and I can get several rows a setting done. Tonight 'Felted' and I are going to Chicks with Sticks. I wonder am I to old to be considered a chick? Should I be looking for an 'Old Hen's with Sticks' group? That would break my heart!!!
On the really exciting NEW news side of life. I guess I will be doing lots of small knitting for a while. Small as in size. Newborn even. I will know soon when it will be born. I will be a Grammie for the 7th time. Since I have 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters, I don't care which it is. I just need to know the color plan soon.
Today's photo is me sitting on my grandmothers lap at the house we stayed at this last weekend.

Friday, January 19, 2007

10 Hrs of Knitting Ahead and More

I am off for 4 days on a road trip with son and daughter. It is to visit my mother in the far northern part of California. But this is one of the few trips I don't have to drive. You know what that means.......... 5 hours of knitting each way !!!!! Whoopieeeee. I am taking my Clapotis and a small scarf with me. I should finish the scarf easy and put rows on the Clapotis. We are staying at a new B&B in my home town. This B&B was owned by my grandmother during my growing up time. The current owners have named one of the rooms after my Grandmother Mollie. I havn't stayed in this house for about 44 yrs. They have fixed it up so nice. My Ipod is loaded with new podcasts (knitting of course) and a few news talk shows for me to catch up on. The weather looks cold but no storms (whew). I am leaving you with photo's of 2 Christmas gifts from last year. I am posting this with hopes I get movtivated earlier this year to make a few gifts. To the left is a ribbon shawl pattern. One that is a combo of 2 different patterns. To the right are the first pair of Fetching Gloves, from Knitty.com, I made.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yarn and more Yarn

Todays Photo is of the 'Head Frog' at the Frog Pond Yarn Shop!
Well I have done it now!!!!!!! I bought more yarn this month then I have in months. Was I making up for no yarn shopping? What was I thinking???? But its not bought at random, its all assigned a pattern and to a person. One may turn into daughter's Christmas present for 2007. I am currently finishing up a pair of VooDoo gloves, from Knitty.com. They are the pink ones for granddaughter. Monday was a holiday so my knitting friend and I went to lunch in a new place, dragging in our large knitting bags. Our plan was for a salad and a couple hours knitting. We had no idea if we would be asked to move on as we tied up a small part of a table, but alas all we got was questions and knitting discussions with others also enjoying a lunch hour. We think this might become a 'habit'.... since we were not kicked out. We do want to 'test knit' extended knitting times at a couple of other places so we have a choice when the mood so moves us. Tuesday was regular knitting day at the LYS. The usual crowd was there and lots of laughs. I do believe we are often referred to as the Tuesday Naughty Knitters. We do have to be careful we don't shift into the Xrated mode. I got there early and of course, left late. I am packing up my knitting to travel this weekend. I am taking a shrug that is classified as 'mindless' knitting and also the yarn to start a clapotis for myself. Well actually both items are for me. And you wonder why I don't have more knitting to give family members..........

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Most of yesterday's handling of knitting needles involved TINKING. I have never been brave enough to just slide the needles out and RIPIT. I am just sure I will never regain all those precious little stitches back in order. I should never do cables when I am at a knitting meet up. Friday Nites Time Needlers is to full of chatter to concentrate. I must remember to maintain a bag of 'mindless' knitting to take. I undid everything I had knitted in 2 hours and re knitted it last nite. There for I lost 24 hours of being productive........shame on me.
This is a wonderful 3 day weekend. It is freezing outside but nice in the house. I have done some major cleaning and would love the organizing fairy to appear and put it all back in order in plastic containers and labeled. I just seem to never get that final touch done. I envy people who can let go of things. I need to do more of that, and then organizing would come easier. I am off to fold 3rd load of laundry. I will leave you with a picture of my LYS and a group picture of the owner attempting to teach us all she knows !!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mt. Shasta

This is Mt. Shasta, California. People forget that California is not all about freeways, beaches and crowded cities. This mountain is to the far north in the state. I was born in a small railroad town, Dunsmuir, on the south side of this beautiful mtn. I grew up in a little larger town on the NW side, called Yreka. When you live near a place like this you tend to take it for granted. When you move away, then drive back for a visit, you start watching for the Mtn to tell you that you are almost 'home'. This picture was taken on a patio outside the nursing home where my mother is currently living. I have been traveling back and forth every couple of weeks and Mt. Shasta is always there for me to enjoy.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Finally a week of knitting. Catching up on lots of small projects and, sad to say, I have one Christmas gift to complete. I tried to cancel Christmas this year, nobody listened to me. I will start with WP's. I have 2 sets of fingerless gloves, one will also have a scarf. I have 3 single socks done. (I tell ya I have second sock syndrome) One pair of socks is daughters and she is starting to nag, somewhat, for them to be completed. The pair for her were standard cuff down. During the time of making them, I learned toe up and love the fit of them so much better that I am having hard time switching back to finish this one sock. I also have a shrug half done and yarn in bags staring at me for 2 sweaters and a clapoti. I also have yarn for 2 more pairs of socks. Summer will be here before they are knitted. The January sale at the LYS got to me!!! I have got to stay away from there till the sale is over. I say that knowing the chance of it happening. I go the yarn shop for a shot of adrenlin.
I am happy to say I have learned HOW to download pictures to my computer but now realize I have no program to manage sizing and fixing of photo's. They are a HUGE amount of K which would fill 2 standard 17 inch monitors. I am now shopping for cheap but good software for such photo's. I am glad I didn't toss computer and printer out window last week.
A week from today I will be going back up to Mothers. Son is flying out and will drive me north. That is 10 hours of free knitting time I can look forward to, along with time enjoying son. I do think daughter will be there same weekend. I don't often get my 2 kids alone. When I talked to Mother last night she sounded like her old self. Hard to believe in the middle of Dec we did not know if she would be with us for Christmas. She is the strongest little lady I have ever known. I only hope I can live like she has. So many friends have turned out daily to support us by not leaving her alone to many days in a row. They all go visit daily and arrange their visits to cover each day of the week. She has a terrific group of friends around her, she is blessed.
Next time I hope to put a pic or 2 on this blog.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

All Dressed up and Knitting at the Frog Pond

This was a test and only a test to see if I retained what Violet taught me yesterday. Don't we all dress like this to go out knitting?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Day of Learning and Actual Knitting News

A day of learning how to add photos. So far the only one used is in my profile. Thanks to my LYS owner who is also a whizzzz at computers. I gave up with the instructions that came with Blogspot and reached out for a human to 'splain it to me. I also spent about 3 hours at my LYS and only bought one item. Amazing!! Not that I am on a yarn diet, in fact I may be the only human in the world not on ANY kind of a diet during the month of January. I did get some knitting done and visited with other knitters. I do have a picture on my camera of the Frog Pond. My next attempt will be to put it in the blog.
I have been working on fingerless gloves. I did several sets of the Fetching Gloves from Knitty. I know several who have made them and they do knit up fast. Daughter loved hers I made for Christmas. I then revised the pattern and made myself some gray ones and my Granddaughter wants 'pink' ones. Everything she wants will be pink. "Pink is the new black" is her statement. I also bought some old wooden purse handles at an antique shop. I am sitting here with graph paper and stitch books in front of me planning a bag. I am going thru a stage I have to change every pattern I attempt, so will stick with easy ones.
There was lots of talk about Stitches West today which made me realize I am not sure if I am going to get to travel by train to the Bay Area or will be up north with family. Shall wait and see what happens.
Next step is to become more comfortable adding photo's and other thingys to Blog.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Very Little Knitting News

Very little knitting going on at my house. I seem to have trouble staying focused. It may have something to do with my Mother being so ill and the fact I would like to toss my fairly new Dell computer/printer out the nearest window. First Mother, she is 87 and failing. I feel so frustrated I can't do something to make life better and like it use to be for her. The last year has been so hard on her. Her personal privacy has been taken from her and for a very tiny, very private lady it is tough to watch. Two yrs ago she lived alone in the house my father built for her. Fifteen months ago I had to move her to an assisted living facility. The food was never to her liking, but she was safer than alone out in the woods, living in a house on the side of a hill. It is not easy making decisions for a parent. That was their job all our lives, making choices for us kids. As to the computer, why do I let a machine get to me so. I got a new camera with a photo program and when I download pictures I seem to not be able to find them later. Its like they go poof. I also scanned in a photo of my Grandmother Mollie to send someone and now it is missing. Good thing I still have the hard copy of the photo.

The next thing is GOALS. Small ones. Learn more about my camera, learn to save pictures where I can find them. Learn to download pictures into this blog and how to add side bars (or what ever techno term they are really called).

Son will be returning to the west coast the 18th of January and will take me back north to see Mother. I do like not having to drive the 5 hours alone. I am lucky to have such good kids.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lost and not the TV show title

I think I got lost in the blog world!! I am found and attempting to try this blogging life again. Life has changed. I now work part time in order to support my addiction of yarn. I have also been with family alot in last several months and spent alot of my time on my house. Painting and yard work tend to eat up alot of knitting time. I had all sort of plans to start this on January 1st, but as you can read I am late already by a day. I will make every attempt to post a couple times a week and focus on my favorite 2 topics, family and knitting. More to follow.