Friday, February 29, 2008

The Little One

The small one, fed, dry and sleeping. Oh the peace in seeing a small one sleep so contently!! I love the innocence. I will be going back east next month to meet Jack. I can't wait.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home after a successful trip to Stitches West 2008

The road trip is over, the day of recovery behind me and now to reap the rewards and enjoy the goodies of Stitches West 2008. We arrived a few minutes before the doors opened and got in line with the rest of the power shoppers. You could hear everyone counting down the seconds till the doors opened...... 5.........4........3.....2....1 and the doors opened. With in seconds we were all inside. Which way to go, what to see first?? We went to the Ravelry Booth, signed in for our passport books, and a Hello button we put our name on. They were so swamped right off, we didn't have a chance to tell the girls what a fab job they have done with the best ever Knitting Community. The above photo is the yarn I bought. Bottom left is Peruvian Tweed 100% Alpaca bought from the Yarn Barn, in a brown/gray/blue colorway. 600 yard per skein. This is for a cardigan for myself. The yarn on the right is 70/30 Fine Wool - Bamboo called "Willow" from Brook Farms Yarn. 400 yds per skein. Beautiful feeling yarn. On top of the pile is some Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. In the colorway Rare Gems. I have always wanted to try some of their sock yarn but in most cases when you get to market there is none left. We went directly to the Blue Moon booth as soon as we left Ravelry's booth. I think this was the same path most were running to. There was a line already started here. The skeins hanging on the wall of the booth were breath taking. I had always wanted to see what colorway I was wanting before I bought. Somehow buying off the Internet was just not the same. I love the colors of this skein they will make up in some bright socks. (for myself of course) Everywhere you looked there were yarns, designs and gadgets to amaze. Some new designs in jackets, felted items.... it is sensory overload!
This is the 'goodie' photo. Booths that gave away free buttons got collected. Then I purchased one pin in the shape of a sweater. It has the words Hand Knit on it. Very cute item to wear when out to catch the eye of other knitters. I bought the DPN sock holders. They came 2 to a package and were at the Yarn Barn booth. Have only seen them one other time when a fellow knitter had some. I also bought a pattern for a knitted bag from La Lana Wools of Taos This a booth I had bought patterns from 2 years ago at Stitches West. My last purchases of the day was a knitting satchel bag from Jordana Paige . I first saw this bag 2 years ago and drooled over it then. Since that time have seen several knitters using the bag. I could no longer resist. We got to meet Jordana Paige at her booth, and I have to say she is a smart very pretty young lady who is out dealing with the business world and I hope she makes it. Very sweet lady.

The difference in this visit to Stitches and my past 2 visits, is I went with a plan. I had 5 patterns that I had taken the info on, such as gauge and yardage, and thought if I see what I want for any of these that will be my yarn purchases. No more just seeing yarn and buying with out a plan. I found yarn for 2 of the patterns and that was just right. I did know I wanted some Brooks Farm... just not which pattern it would go for. I like to touch and see the colorways before I buy but I also like to get something 'special' that you can't buy at any yarn shops.

All in all it was a great day, and considering how sick I had been for the week before, with a cold, I did well. We drove off at 4:45 pm after spending a day wandering thru every booth we could. There were several spinning and fiber booths, buttons and beads, leather and wood handles for bags and any imaginable thing you could think of there. As for what I saw other shoppers wearing this year seem to be mostly mitered square items, shawls, sweaters and vests. I also saw a lot of lacy shawls. I will be following other bloggers reports from Stitches West 2008. I know I missed seeing lotsssssss!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And away we goooooooo !!!

And away we go..... off to Stitches West at 7 am. I am riding with
Linda and Felted and SSChar will be driving down also. The 4 of
us has serious plans for seeing all we can see. It is yarn overload
for all of us. I am looking for some Noro and of course the Socks
that Rock Booth. Also Brooks Farm. Don't know why but guess its because those are items we don't see a lot around here in the LYS. Noro we do but not at the price they claim to have at the Market Place......... Wish us luck... this time tomorrow night I will be ready for a lonnnnnnnnng nites sleep!!

I don't know if I want to take knitting with me or not. There is places to stop the crazy shopping and actually sit down with needles and yarn.

This is nice that my 100th post to this blog, 13 months later, is about a road trip to Stitches. More to come after we survive this.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Moving On with Error

Seeeeeeeeee the error of my ways? Yes I have done a major booboo on my Oblique. It is on the left leaning ladder and its way down on the back of this sweater. I found the error and sort of froze the action. I put the knitting back in a bag, and sat it next to my knitting chair. It has stared at me for almost 2 weeks now. Time to face the monster and FROG!!!!

So in place of knitting on the Oblique and the complaint of a few friends, I knitted this mindless scarf. My friends have pointed out that I seldom make myself something with color, and that gray is not a color. I do always tend to choose dark or gray colors. I think I might be blending in with the wallpaper of life and never stand out. Mindless knitting seems to be my strong point. Why oh why can't I knit lace projects? Why do they seem to always get the best of me.
This scarf is my new mindless project. This is the Noro scarf from Brooklyn Tweeds collection of patterns he has wonderfully shared with us on his blog. Four skeins of Noro, 2 each from different colorways. I am loving this easy, tv watching, knitting and my friends can no longer say I don't have 'color'. Although I am not going to tell them this secret so please keep it quiet, but this is probably my first Christmas knit of 2008.
The baby is growing, life has settled back down for son and family. The older grandkids are adoring having a small bundle of joy to hold and love. I hope it last throught the years when they are ask to babysit!!

I had a wonderful day with my 9 year old granddaughter, we all refer to as Roo, yesterday. We went bead shopping, for a long walk, watched a movie and had a great dinner. Love my day with her, she is so sweet and artistic.

This coming Friday is Stitches West Market day for a few of us. Leaving early on Friday morn, shop til we drop, then return home. I am this time going to Stitches with a plan. I have a couple patterns picked out and if I find the yarn for them there better yet. I went on Yarn overload at my first stitches a couple years ago. Hopefully with a 'plan' I will remain calm and collected. We shall see huh Linda.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I can't help myself. Another photo of the new baby and his daddy!!....... Deal with it. This is my last grandchild and I am not there to hold him yet. So you all have to see the picture.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Baby Update

Meet Jackson Scott!! I have to post photo, I have waited 24 hours to see him. His hair is reddish brown and his expression says it all "It was a rough trip getting here."

Baby Jackson

Jackson Scott was born Feb. 7th, 2008 at 12:26AM. Baby is doing great! Mom and Dad are exhausted after 48 hours of labor. You thought I would have a picture of the new guy to post, but so far I have not gotten one. Son has tried, but I think exhaustion has over taken and the pictures are not arriving to my email as he sends them. What did I do for the 48 hours of labor you ask? I made him a blankie. Five skeins of Katia, cast on 1 stitch and increase every row until half way thru the yarn, then decrease every row. I backed this small blankie in some nice soft fabric. Babies like to feel that. I finished knitting this blankie 4 mins after Jack was born. I am guessing he was waiting on me to finish the blankie...... and held on as long as he could!!! I should of knitted faster.

Monday, February 04, 2008

This and That

First I need to thank Caren for a wonderful gift I received during our late holiday gift exchange. My favorite color all the way around. A wonderful blue bag, sock yarn in my favorite colors, a great toe up patter from Hand Jive Knits, beautiful stitch markers, needle point holders, and best of all a gift card from Panera's, which is where we meet on Weds nights. OH!! and those special yarn bra's!! Thank you Caren! I had a great person to shop and plan for, Dana, and so enjoyed it.

The next photo is of a package I have started to put together for the new baby, who is now named Jack. I got him the standard "Mother Goose" book and then one that I had read to me as a child. "Meet Babar" is a story that my mother read to me. I loved Babar as a child, and hope this new guy enjoys the story also. Then all grand children should have a bib that says "I love my Grandma" lol I don't want him to forget me till I get there to meet him in person. I will be going back later this spring to have a week of cooing and hugging. I so look forward to this trip. I am finishing up a small white blanket to send also.
This photo is of the back of the Oblique sweater. I have knitted and knitted and knitted on and am only to the armhole decrease on the back. The reason for all the knitting is I have had to tink back several times to correct errors. I tend to forget a yarn over here and there, to add to the trauma of knitting this sweater.

The knitting Guru is finishing up her sleeves. She has enjoyed this pattern and not had to make as many 'fixes' I have had to do. I see Cara has finished her sweater and posted pictures. She is a beautiful knitter. I also see this pattern comes out larger than planed. I am glad I went down a size for mine and all those that have knitted this sweater have given out tips for adjustments.

To comment on my last post, I waited 2 weeks to hear from Russell, but alas it did not happen. I also did some checking on line and it is a posed picture, the guy really doesn't knit!!!! Just when I thought there was hope for the perfect guy!