Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Little of This and a Little of That

To go along with 2 posts ago. Knitting for the war. The news is not promising on that front today.
BUT... knitting: I have been knitting away on the Jay Walker socks. They tend to move slow. I don't remember socks taking so long before. I also read others blogs where they whip out a pair of socks in a weekend. Maybe I need to stop eating, cleaning house and quit my job. I am currently sitting on about 8 pair of socks yarn. And to add insult to injury, spring is around the corner and in this part of the world, wool socks are not needed with sandals. Maybe it would help if I cut back on reading a slew of blogs. But as the "Zenneedle" blog states you feel like you know them. I have not been as lucky as she has to have gone out in the world and meet up with bloggers. But I do take in all the bloggers write. The knitting tips, the saddness, and the joy of their lives.
I am off this afternoon to learn the ins and out of my LYS, so I may be of more help to her. Yes, you are reading this right. I will work for yarn!!!!! I have been searching for the perfect cable project. There is a cable KAL being formed at LYS. I am not always up on the actual appearing on a date, time and location for a KAL, but I like the inspiration they give me. There is always so much to knit out there in the world, I need the push to revist something I have done before.
I have been hearing everyone's adventure at Stitches West. I don't think I will be missing next years. I am hearing it was even bigger this year than last. I wish I was brave enough to drive to the bay area. But we shall see next Feb. Train or Car! Car or Train!

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