Monday, March 12, 2007

Day Off

This is going to be a busy week, with a past weekend also busy. Cleaning up yard and patio seem to be Saturday job. I filled my large garbage can and will reload it after today's pick up. Yesterday was tearing down some old mini blinds that were hanging in kitchen over glass door. I thought I could live with them till I redid the kitchen in this house. Decided I was sick of looking at blue mini blinds. Yuck!!!!! So down they came and off to the dumpster this morn.
I have done very little knitting since Friday. So the back of my sweater is moving slowly along. I guess this will be a sweater for next fall by the time I get it done. I spent some time yesterday going through my Grandmothers Button Box looking for 4 large buttons. No such luck. Two weeks ago daughter dear was snowed in up in the Sierra's. Interstate 80 was closed. We were having one of the most intense rainstorms of winter here. Yesterday my grandkids were in the swimming pool along with the dog. Two weeks of weather heating up to 85 today. Al Gore, you are right !!!!! I am glad to have the good weather as I leave this Friday Morning to go back north to see Mother. I always worry about snow around Mt. Shasta. I will be ok this trip.
I am off to get the most out of my day off. I am in hopes I can even make great progress on sweater.

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