Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home With Photo's

Warnings of a heavy photo post today.

I last told you about my drive north. As I left the next morning I grabbed my camera and ended up taking 60 some pictures on my travel north. I have some great pictures of the Sacramento River. On the left is the headwaters of the Sacramento River. You can see where the water comes out of the mountain. This is at the base of Mt. Shasta in a small old park in the town of Mt. Shasta. People stop to fill water bottles. It is mountain fresh water. Better than any bottled water in in store. I dumped out store water to fill up the 2 bottles I had in my car and enjoyed every drop of it. The fresh green you see in the water is watercress which will grow to cover the whole opening into the moutain. Another treat people come to collect.

On the right is the city park in Dunsmuir, about 15 miles south of Mt. Shasta. The river continues through Dunsmuir and down the canyon into Shasta lake. Right now the lake is low. We have not had storms much needed this last winter. In the background you can see a faint outline of Mt. Lassen.

The next photo is of the Sacramento Valley where the river widens out and moves peaceful through the farmlands. There is lots of water sports, including water skiing, fishing and tubing.

And finally the river arrives at the Pacific Ocean. This River has always been a part of my life much as Mt. Shasta has. I am only posting this for those of you who have not seen the wide open lands of Northern California and think of us as all freeways and crowds.

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