Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Days

Had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! Its nice to be with son and family for Mothers Day. Usually I go to see my Mom. This year but I traded the holiday out for a trip east to see the 5 grands living here, and their parents. I got to have a photo taken of the grands and myself. Now while I don't usually care to be in the photo's, this was an easy do and I paid the guy extra to remove at least 75% of the wrinkles out of my face and like magic it worked. Have been down to DC Stitches once since I have been here. Seems like the days go by fast and not as much gets done as I think I should do. I did meet a lady here that I need to go see again. She is excited about the knitting world and I offered a few tips. I would like to see her get started on a top down sweater. Have given her the suggestion for Knitting Pure And Simple pattern. They are great starter sweaters as you don't face a bunch of seams to put together and a knitter can see some instant rewards after the sweater comes off the needles. Maybe we should walk to DC stitches with a stop at Eastern Market for some dinner supplies today. I might be able to check out patterns and get this person started on a sweater before I leave here.

What knitting I have gotten done is on a sweater from the new Interweave Knits Magazine, summer 2009. Sweater is called Elemental Boatneck and I am doing it in yarn called for,Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy yarn. I got the yarn on sale at Filati's Fine Yarn. It had been dropped down again in the Spring Sale we had in April. Colorway is Black!! (don't tell friends but BLACK is a color)

Friday, May 08, 2009

Here I am!!

Here I am, in Washington, DC, being a Grammie. I love it here and was asked to come back and take care of the now 15 month old baby while his reg nanny goes on
a vacation. We have lunch dates scheduled, yarn shops to visit and serious fun for the 2 of us next week. I also get hugs and love from the 4 older kids. Mason leaves soon for college, Shelby is getting taller and still loves soccer, Harrison also plays soccer. Lindsay is the same. Love her lots. I will come up with a few new photo's soon of Jackson's California/Oregon travels. He was a very busy boy for a few weeks traveling.
I also hope soon to get an external hard drive for my computer so I can again download some knitting photos. I have finished a Noro, top down, cardi that I really like. I finished it up in time to bring with me east. Also finished up a pair of small socks. Half sock for myself done at LAX Weds nite as what was to be a 2 hour lay over became a 5 hour lay over. I am know knitting on a summer top from the new Interweave Knits. Using Hempathy Yarn and love the feel of it knitted up. Met a new knitter here in DC. Met her first time yrs ago but didn't know she knitted. I hope to get her started on a cotton sweater, top down before I leave. In today's age I am just a phone call away. More to be posted later.