Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day and Then Some

Memorial Day. A day of reflection for many. For those that have served us in wars, and for those now serving in a war that continues to tear the world apart. Please take a moment, in what most of us think as a HOLIDAY, and thank them all. Their service to protect us was not a holiday for them.

Wednesday nights group was all about putting MM's lizard afgan together. It was fun for all of us to have a last minute invovelment. This was made for her parents for a anniversary gift. The colors are great as only Noro can be. I know this has been a long process for her but know also the great feeling of accomplishment. (pattern is on free)
Knitting life for me has been slow if any at all. Maybe its the change in seasons. The heat. The what ever.......... its not happening. Maybe over the weekend I will try to play catch up. But next month we are off on a road trip to see the Yarn Harlot. I have enjoyed everyone of her books and look forward to hearing her in person. She does have great humor about knitting and life.
Tonight is school night with the grandkids. I always enjoy hearing them read their writings of the year. Grandson will graduate the 6th grade this year and it won't be long before he will be a teenager.
They are still attempting to move the whales south and out in to the San Francisco Bay. They need the salt water to survive and heal wounds they have gotten from boat propellers. They have tried so many ways to attempt to herd them but they seem to stay up river in fresh water.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Whale of an Update

A brief update. The whales turned and started down the Sacramento River yesterday afternoon late. I am glad to know they picked Sunday to start their return trip. Today the plan was to start herding them with ungodly noises. They have been a thrill for all those that followed them along the banks of the river. So many had the chance to see a sight they otherwise would never enjoyed. It was a nice treat besides nothing but bad news on TV. So thank you Delta and Dawn, (their names on local news).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Whales, Walls and Miters

The Whales are still swiming in the Sacramento River. The crowds are turning out to cheer them on. So far those in charge seem to think they are doing ok health wise. It is a guess their radar is just messed up. They have tried sounds effects of whales to try to draw them back to the Bay near San Francisco and out into the ocean. If this doesn't work they will try herding them with boats behind them making dreadful loud noises. I fear that may just frighten them. It is amazing to watch these huges animals surface and spout water, then back under the water. I think there is concern for food for them.

Last nite I finished a miter. This is from the "Mason-Dixon Knitters" book. I have followed Cara through her 120 or so knitted miters. I had this urge to try them after reading her blog for a month or so. I had to try ONE sq. This was to keep me from buying yarn for many more. I figured one would make a great pillow top. I am almost finished sewing the sq. together. I am so glad to get that out of my system. I will continue to admire Cara's and not be doing as many as she did.

My wall of old boxes is coming along. It will hold alot of yarn when done. It is about half really old boxes I have collected for years and some new ones I have bought recently. I will not post a picture till I have some idea if this is going to work or not. Its going to be a great weekend weather wise here. Everyone enjoy!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Molly and Me

This is the grandmother who taught me to knit. I should remember her this month of Mothers Day. Without her all you knitting people out there would not know me. I wouldn't be part of your knitting groups.
I need to thank the HEAD FROG, for the button you see over on left side. She made that for my blog and also taught me how to do links last nite. I won't do any of those this morning as I am at work and just needed to thank her for being a friend and a knitting/computer guru. Since closing the shop she has managed to keep our knitting Tuesdays, Wedsdays and Sundays groups going with her Meet Ups. Plus setting up her new business, yarn online. I will think of her today as she is going back to high school and classes today. I will also give you a link to that later. It was good to see my friend last nite, who is also starting to quilt..... you know who you are. I need to call you Lady In Red, which is so your color. Have a great day everyone !!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Family and Friends

A lovely Mothers Day. My kids are the best. They married great people, have busy full lives. I have 6 super Grandkids. I couldn't be prouder. Yesterday was about family for most I beleive. I had great Ommpa Loompa made by Son In Law. Its a favorite from when my 2 were small children. We ate out by the pool in the new backyard they are working on. I had a lovely time. I got the above plant, lavender, which I just love and some fresh lemons off a tree in their back yard. Then daughter, granddaughter and myself were off to the nursery to select plants for both of our yards. I had such a nice day. Son called just before we ate. I talked to my Mother and she sounds stronger each day. I will so go back north to take care of her for a week. Family is all GREAT !!

Friends is a differnt story, I made a new friend recently only to have the friendship go poof with out any explination. Feels strange at this age to have that happen. Guess we don't always understand.

These are the windows I promised a picture of. Yes the new windows were for the stuido. I love all the light this room has now. I am slowly putting the room back
together again. I like the looks. My wall will soon be done that is maked of boxes. Old and new. I am sealing some of the older ones now so they will be safe to store yarn in. I promise soon another photo of a completed room. I am also working on the Girl Friend Skirt for the small one. It is cute and I held it up yesterday so know it will fit. Also intend to block some completed projects this week.

Have a good one!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mom

Because I feel that, in the heavens above

The angels, whispering one to another

Can find among their burning terms of love

None so devotional as that of


Edgar Allen Poe

Thursday, May 10, 2007


This was last nites Chicks with Sticks. Two groups got together, at a great resturant that also had great food and wonderful Teas. I enjoyed meeting new knitters and actually seeing Violet sitting down and knitting. Now we are no longer meeting at her shop she gets to be one of us. More even showed up after I took those pictures. And a couple threatened me if I put their picture on here again, 'specially when they had a mouth full of food. (right Felted)
Summer time has arrived, and I think it would be a grand idea if you all sent me money so I could buy this car to cruise around in with the top down. It just happens to be the same color as my hair. I will await the arrival of your checks before I sign the dotted line to bring this car home to replace my other little beetle.

On my personal knitting front, I have decided to use up some yarns on a skirt for my youngest granddaughter and knit her a summer skirt with a ruffle. I think of it as a 'Girlfriend' skirt. I just know all her girl friends will want one. I have finished 3 of the 4 mitered corners and looked today for some fabric to back a pillow of these. I forgot to take pictures (again). This weekend will do. This is a weekend of yard work and getting this place under control. I will also get plants to put in front of house. So much for the thrills and chills of my life.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

More of an update on life with no photos.

A post with no pictures. That is different for me. I have not had time to take pictures lately. But I did finish the OOOOlala socks. Finished 2 of the one skein shawls from Knitters Review. Ok Ok, I cheated I used a skein and half as the yarn I bought on sale was less yardage than the one Clara used. I also downsized the needles to a 13. I love the mindless knitting of this pattern. I can do this while in group knitting. I am always amazed at those that knit lace. I can't do it. Lace requires a closet, alone, no phone, no cat, no TV, no distractions. I am currently carrying around 3 items in my basket. The last 1 skein shawl, a pair of socks from Lorna's Lace yarn. The tops have cables and lace. That even may be the name of the pattern. The third item is the mitered squares from Mason Dixon. I am hooked on these. I bought some of the new Cotton Ease from Lions Brand. Well really only 2 sks. I hope I can make a pillow top for my new studio, and in doing this, the illness of mitered sqs passes me. I just loved following Cara from Her blogging for last month has been all about making these. Her 85 color choices are beautiful. But I have way to much other knitting to do to take on her project. One pillow will be it I am thinking. We have been 1 week with out the Frog Pond Knitting groups. So far its all worked out great. We were at Starbucks today, last Weds we went to the Head Frogs house and knitted and again Tuesday we will be at Quarry Pond.
I have finished painting windows, baseboard and door frames for studio. I am loving putting the room back together and arranging it 'my' way this time. I haven't started moving the 'stash' back in yet. That is coming around slowly. Books are all put away. Magazines all sorted by dates in holders. Awwwwwww organization is always good!!!!! Now to keep it this way. Last thing I need for room is curtains. New windows are on the south side and soon I will fry with sun most of the day here. Winters will be lovely as the room will warm up with the sun. I have picked out some roman shades at World Market. I am waiting for a coupon so I can go get them.
Pictures to follow of both room and knitting.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Last and the First

The last Chicks with Sticks or in my case Old Hen with pointy things, was held last Weds nite at the Frog Pond. The sale continues. People never stopped buying. I was amazed to watch them. I don't think the Head Frog got out from behind the counter one minute the entire evening. I can't remember the last time I saw her with knitting in her hands, unless she was fixing someone's problem. The rest of us continued to knit and shop.

Good bye to the Frog Pond. We will all miss you and miss the hours of knitting we accomplished there. April 30th was the last day.

May 1st, HELLO to the new groups springing up !!!! We had our first,out in the open, shopping for new knitting locations, today. We gathered at Peets Coffee Shop at the new Quarry Pond Center. It is right next door to where I work. I can actually walk there across the parking lot. There is some great food for lunch. We even had some new ones join us and for the time being this will be the new Tuesday knitting group. I have named us the 'OC Knitters'. Most of us are slightly obsessed with yarn. I think this will be fun. The Swatch Nazi has joined us. The Sunday afternoon knitting group will meet at the Starbucks. I think we are all slightly determined to not lose contacts with new friends. It was a great afteroon. (to bad I forgot my camera)