Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hand Painted Sheep

Awww sheep already in colors. Now that would be a great way to pick your yarn for next project.
Yesterday was our last Tuesday Knitting group at the Frog Pond. We sat amid boxes of yarn, and shoppers filling bags of sale yarn. The shelves are starting to look empty. But the Knit Pit, where we sit and knit, looks the same. We are busy with plans to move to other locations and knit. Some for evening knit alongs and some for the Tuesday afternoon group. Next week we shall be meeting at the Quary Pond Mall. Right next door to where I work. I think it was planned as all the reg knitters know I can't drive far with out getting lost. I only hope everyone continues to search us all out so we won't lose contact. I beleive Judy, AKA the swatch nazi, will even be rejoining our group. I think of her more as the Queen of Cables. The more cables the happier that lady is. Miss Violet will actually be able to sit and knit with us instead of working. Wonders if she will be handling my 911 emergency knitting snafu's. The Weds nite group meets for the last time tonight at Frog Pond. Next meetup night will be at Miss Violets house. (guess I can't refer to her as the Head Frog anymore)
I ended up buying some Noro Sakura on the 50% off rack and have been using 2 skiens of this to knit the 1 skien shawl from Knitters Review. (go figure 2 for 1) Easy knitting, great gifts. So I purchased enough for 4 of them. For me these are great group knitting projects. You can't hardly make a mistake and at that price you can't go wrong.
Strange that I am leaving this Friday to go back north to Mothers and my knitting is packed, but I havn't a clue what I will take for clothes. I am always more worried about arrive somewhere with out yarn than if I end up naked after I arrive, or worse yet wearing dirty clothes for days on end. Car will get serviced today and I will do some laundry and pack some clothes..... promise not to shock the world.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day and Some Knitting

Happy Earth Day. This sign is in my back yard. When I moved from Nevada City 2 yrs ago, I brought this sign with me. I see it out my kitchen window when I look at the roses each day. It makes me smile when I think of Vik, Ani, Denis and Jane. My friends who have all moved from the apartment units also. Life does move on. They were all there for me. My family, my support system. A picture of some green outdoors to share with you today. I do recycle plastic, alum, and this month managed to get a free month of natural gas from PG&E. This is for saving so much on my winter usage. Second year in a row I have gotten a free month. Makes me feel good the money is in my pocket and not theirs.

I would like to introduce you to Duncan. He is a 30 lb cat who's house I get to live in. As long as I bring home food and kitty litter. He has been with me for about 7 years now. Also he has been on a diet for 7 years. His day is spent following me from room to room attempting to beg for more food. I have tried to teach him to read the clock so he can see its not 5 pm, time for second helping of food. Just isn't working.

Knitting on these fun fun socks. The have gone fairly fast as they are on a size 3 needle. I think the pattern came off the internet in 2001. But I managed to find a kit for these socks at Stitches West in 2006. Most socks I knit are on size 1 or 1 1/2 size needles. I hope to finish them up tonight. Then I will go back to my sweater. I need to learn how to finish off the shoulders with short rows so I can do a 3 needle bindoff. Its lays so much smoother than binding off then sewing the front and back together later. I also have pictures of windows and the part of studio that has gotten painted. I will share next time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last Days of the Frog Pond

Last night was the next to last Chicks with Sticks group to meet at the Frog Pond. Also only have one more Tues afternoon knit out at that location. We are going to continue to meet at some different places till we find a resturant or coffee place that won't kick us out after a couple of hours. Strange how this knitting group of friends have all settled into our favorite chairs at the Frog Pond. The panic of losing contact with each has passed, and now its where and when for most of us. Those that work need at least one nite a week to meet and those of us that work from time to time, like afternoon meet ups. It will all fall into place. The shop appears to emptying out of yarn. Sale has continued since the announcement. But as some bins empty out all eyes turn to somewhere else with some other idea in mind to knit. The Cascade wall is narrowing down on colors. The felters have grabbed alot of it. I have only 2 more felted bags I want to try and now have yarn for both. I am almost done with second sock. (that in its self is amazing for me) I havn't had the second sock sickness with this pair for some reason. I doubt there will be enough winter left to wear these socks though. This weekend is about painting the window casings in Studio and moving the last of the stuff back in here. I do want to search for some different kind of shelving. Cheap, easy to move, easy to lift and all those kind of things. And now we will return to our regularly scheduled knitting.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 16, 2007
Virginia Tech

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes it is spring

Yes, it is spring in some parts of the world. This was taken some weeks ago in Dunsmuir, CA at the park. I am using it today as I am not sure some of you across the country really beleive spring has sprung. The snow storms continue to pound areas that must of given up hope of hanging up the winter jackets, putting away the scarves and gloves and seeing flowers bloom and sun shining.
Thursday, Friday and Sat saw me with paint brush and roller in hand. I finally have finished all this room except the woodwork. I can do that in small hours this week after work. I have also been shopping for shutters for the new windows. When the room is done and back together I will then post a photo. Mean time imagine. I love the color daughter picked out. Its bright clean and the entire room looks larger than it did before. I am shopping for an old piece of furniture to store yarn in. I know what I want and can see it in my mind. That doesn't mean I can afford it. I will send my search team out to the flea market next weekend on a mission. The contractor has completed this round of household remodel. Now I need to do the finishing touches and start saving for my next plans for house. By the time I finish this place I won't want to ever move from here. Its getting to be more and more my secret hide out from the world. The peace and solitude I have always wanted to escape to. I am even finding the planning and working for each step exciting.
Knitting Content: I am working on the fingerless glove for the young girl at work. She bought the yarn and asked nicely. She is also learning to knit but doesn't feel she is ready for DPN's. I will finish the first glove tonight and get the second cast on. I can probably finish it up one evening this week. I want to get back to my sweater. I want to work on it when I go back up to Mothers.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th and Painting

Happy and Safe Friday the 13th. Watch those ladders and black cats. Stay safe. I havn't posted much as I have been busy with the studio/office. By busy I mean painting, taping, cleaning up after contractor. I can hardly stand to walk through my living room to get here. The computer is the only remaining item here. Which I cover with lots of plastic, then uncover read a few blogs and email and back under the plastic bags. The new windows are wonderful. (pictures to follow later) The white primer that is currently on the walls makes this room look twice the size and sooooo nice and bright. I will stop today and get the paint. It will be a nice French Vanilla flavor..... errrrrr color. The built in desk/cabinets will remain wood color or what ever this paneling is on it. I can't tell you the difference in this room. It feels so solid now that I know wind and rain can't enter it. I have beautiful 4 inch wide baseboard around the floor and nice window casings with great trim. Its amazing the change here. Have a great weekend..... I will be the one on the ladder with roller in hand. OH and yes this is a knitting blog, I did finish one sock this week and did cast on for the second one.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Very Little Knitting Content

I give you sheep for Easter. This is such a novel sculpture that I couldn't resist sharing the picture. Check the sheeps feet and legs. The thought that went into this is amazing. I could have a few of these sheep around, they don't require much care. But sadly they also don't produce any wool. The photo is entitled "Phone A Sheep".

There has not been much knitting the last 3 weeks. I have been dealing with some other issues and also the contractor was finally ready to put the 3 new windows into the front of the house. Of couse when you do one project it leads to others. So the front wall inside was replaced as there had been some water damage. The sheetrock is dry and textured. Next step is mine. PAINTING !!!! This is going to take me a while. Daughter and I picked out paint colors today and I will make a trip to pick up paint tomorrow and start the process. This room is my studio/office so I want it bright and fresh looking. My computer has been under plastic wrap for days.

I do have the back of my sweater done and have started some fingerless gloves for a girl at work. She is getting them at the start of the HOT HOT HOT season here. Its like summer already. I will try to post a few knitting pictures next time.

Off to get ready for Night Time Needlers.