Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sad Yarn Content

Its a sad day in yarn land. People are quickly exchanging emails and phone numbers and buying yarn like there won't be any yarn in the world after April 30th. Sad day. Where will we go, what if we don't see each other again? Questions questions. I fear for who will handle my 911 knitting emergencies. Its a sad sad day. Some tears come to the eyes of people who have been there from the start. Or people who found their way in life again after some set backs, while knitting at the Pond. The people who came together under the guise of knitting.... knowing they would of never meant each other if it was not for the Frog Pond.

I guess you can tell. Frog Pond Knits is closing. The store has been a success, a big success for a new business, for almost 2 years. But family does come first. That I understand. Its just still a sad day.

I remember having days I wanted to pull my hair out while having teenagers at home still. So I understand. I also remember the silence when it was over and they were on their own. I remember worrying how will they survive with out my direction, out there in the world. But they did.

I only hope that the Head Frog, as I think of her, will keep her dream of a yarn shop going in her head and open another in a few years. I know she is planning on selling on line. Opening her own site. But its not the same as sitting in the knit pit with your friends and touching the yarn, watching new boxes of yarn coming in and oooooooing and awwwwwing over it. I will even miss Tink, the resident cat.

I will feel homeless.


cher said...

Hopefully we will find a way to all keep in touch, even it's through meetings at the local coffee shop. Where will I go when I just want to sit and chat all day about "stuff"?
I wish Violet the best but it still makes me sad. Happy to find your blog though!!

Courtney said...

I think we all still need to get together and knit, even if it once a month or something at Starbucks or another place. We all need to exchange email and stuff. Or we can keep in touch through the blogs.

Mary Lynn said...

That is so sad to have a LYS go. It is so hard and expensive to keep businesses running though. Hopefully you will be able to keep in touch with your friends.