Friday, April 06, 2007

Very Little Knitting Content

I give you sheep for Easter. This is such a novel sculpture that I couldn't resist sharing the picture. Check the sheeps feet and legs. The thought that went into this is amazing. I could have a few of these sheep around, they don't require much care. But sadly they also don't produce any wool. The photo is entitled "Phone A Sheep".

There has not been much knitting the last 3 weeks. I have been dealing with some other issues and also the contractor was finally ready to put the 3 new windows into the front of the house. Of couse when you do one project it leads to others. So the front wall inside was replaced as there had been some water damage. The sheetrock is dry and textured. Next step is mine. PAINTING !!!! This is going to take me a while. Daughter and I picked out paint colors today and I will make a trip to pick up paint tomorrow and start the process. This room is my studio/office so I want it bright and fresh looking. My computer has been under plastic wrap for days.

I do have the back of my sweater done and have started some fingerless gloves for a girl at work. She is getting them at the start of the HOT HOT HOT season here. Its like summer already. I will try to post a few knitting pictures next time.

Off to get ready for Night Time Needlers.


cher said...

Sounds like your in reconstruction mode like me. It will be great when everything is finished and new! Love the sheep!

Courtney said...

That is really cute :-) I love that picture :-)