Sunday, August 31, 2008

Returning to Regular Schedule Knitting

Ah at long last!!! A new knitting chair for me, thanks to Felted and her hubby Mr. T. A fast trip to Ikea, and a car that everything fit into allows me to introduce you to my new knitting corner of the world. I have already enjoyed a short evening of knitting after putting this together. The chair was easy. Add legs, put cover on cushions and sit down. Ottoman different story!! It was a puzzle, of which totally confused me but with some assistance its done and ready for my use.

I am sailing along, almost 1/2 way done, of Mothers scarf. It is a simple Ann Norling pattern called..... Simple Lace. Its so simple I don't need to have the pattern with me even. I can knit on it and even watch TV. Well...... as long as I don't watch the DNC. I had to stop and tink back as I watched BO speak last Thursday night.

Am off to knit knit knit!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Heat and Christmas!!

The above is the start of Christmas knitting. Yes I am starting in August with hopes of no last minute crazy panic knitting!!!! The red scarf on the left is a cashmere scarf for mother, and the one on the right is another small object for a small person. In the heat of August, I have cast on the smaller items, and the one larger item will come along as the temps drop and a person living in California can honestly feel fall coming on. Fall is normally my favorite time of the year, but it does come with pressures, when a person is making gifts for the holidays, and a gazillion leaves are falling outside and need constant clean up for a couple of months. Unless I choose to just stare at them in hopes they vanish with out me going out and rounding them up. I love my 2 big trees on the west side of the house, but 3 months of the year, they do cause work.

Knitting life has been slow, as working in a yarn shop tends to slow down needle time at home. I love working there but admit to nights when I get home and the most I do is look at my needles and not touch them. I do love "Fondling the Cashmere", which is my job title at the yarn shop, but like so many I see so much yarn and know there is so little time. The shop I have been working at for past 2 months is Filati Fine Yarns. It is a beautiful shop full of some of the most beautiful yarns a person could ever wish to see and fondle. The staff is experienced with any knitting tips a person could ever wish for or need. AB is wonderful with lace and inspired me to knit the red scarf for mother. The Queen of Swatch, is a total math whiz and stretches my mind to look at options when it comes to knitting. Both have made things, that take your breath away. Then there is the owner, I call her the Real Janice. She is at ease with yarn and needles, as most of us stumbling through the yarn world, wish to be. Her knowledge on her shop is amazing. She knows every yarn and can pull a pattern, from the past published ones and current publications, that amaze you. This week we have a new person joining us, and as excited as I am to have her working with me, the fact is our schedules are opposite each other and I will probably see less of her. Fall goodies are being ordered and their arrival to the shop will be an early Christmas for us to open and stock. The fall colors are breath taking. The new yarns and colors will be a delight to 'fondle' as I help put them out. Publications coming in, will inspire anyone who likes sticks and string.

So if you missing me in my usual knitting groups, you know where to find me. The schedule should be established in next few weeks, and I have great hopes of returning to some of my knitting groups. Patience!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Chair!

Little knitting content today. I have had a major fall out here. The chair that sits in the corner of the studio, with the good light to knit by, has fallen down on me. I kept wondering why I felt like my butt was sitting on the floor, why I struggled to climb up outta the chair. I only learned why about 2 weeks ago when I dropped a stitch marker and reached down and under the chair searching for it. Something was blocking my reaching under the chair. So setting the knitting down, I got up and turn the chair over only to realize, all the springs had fallen out. They were flat on the floor. Now this chair was a prize when I found it. Old, yard sale and dragging it home trying to clean the upholstery should give you a clue how old it is. I am guessing 1920's. I drove by a yard sale one Saturday and there it was on the curb, with its thumb out trying to hitchhike home with me! I turned around and found parking and quickly parked myself in it so nobody else would get this treasure. Now 25 years later, I realize I don't think anyone was fighting me for this chair!! I loved it. Paid for it and raced home to get the pick up to take it home in. This chair has been my reading cozy spot, knitting comfort zone for all those 25 years. I think it was tired. I think it said enough of your butt, ENOUGH I say!!!!

Last week Felted and I did what was called a short road trip. We went to Ikea. Now that is enough distance away from home for me to claim it a road trip that needs plans.... maps, someone leading me there so I find my way back. We found just the chair I wanted, along with a super size ottoman that is a BIG storage factor. What knitter doesn't need storage.? I had to think it over but now realize I am not doing any knitting as I can't find a comfort zone. Time to replace the old girl and give her a quiet trip to chair heaven. I will be shopping and bring home my new knitting zone chair as soon as I have time and transportation back to Ikea.

I have finished another pink t shirt type summer top. I haven't had photo's of it but will try for one later today as I am wearing it to work this afternoon. The summer sale at the shop has kept me very busy so coming home and fondling yarn has not happened. I do have my Christmas knitting plan in place and yarn waiting for me. Daughter, Mother and grandson are the winners of this year's knitted presents. Grandson's gift has the back done and a good start on the front. It is perfect knitting in the over 100 degrees we are having. But I am ready to pull out the wool and do sweaters again, mainly starting on Daughters gift.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Its All About the Mush!!!

Jackson says "If the mush is that good the bowl has to be better!!!"

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have written several times about my trips up north to Mom's. This last trip was the exception to the rule of following Mt. Shasta home. The fires in California were so bad as I started my drive north, that the valley was filled with smoke. Seeing the mountain was not an option. When I got to Redding the smoke was only worse. By the time I got to Shasta Lake and was driving across the bridges, I could not look down and see the water. Not only was the lake very low this year, the smoke had floated in and it felt like strange to not be able to see the earth below me. I spent the entire week at Mom's with out seeing Mt. Shasta once.
One day I was determined to fine the Lavender Fields. I had heard of a farm near Mt. Shasta, and got some general driving directions and started out. As I drove through Grenada, and on out to Big Springs I begin to wonder if there was really fields there. Smoke was again very bad, but as I drove along looking for the right turn off I was not sure where I was. Then I saw the 'Grenada Bridge'. A place where we went to during the years of High School. On past I got to Big Springs, and did not remember there was actually one service station there, defining a small country town. Driving on I found a US Mail Lady and stopped and asked her for directions to the Mt. Shasta Lavender Farm. I followed her directions, turned on another country road, going a certain distance and found a small sign directing me up dirt/rock road. You could only drive at a very slow speed and kept rounding around some scrub trees. I kept thinking I had taken the wrong road. How could anyone have a 'farm' up here in the rocks. The valley was lush and green with farm land and here I was climbing up a rock pile. I realized how far 'up' I had come when I first saw a vineyard and a building came into site with expansive views of the valley below. This is a fairly new farm and turning the last curve brought me into the magical view of Lavender fields. Except for the smoke I would of also had a breath taking view of Mt. Shasta. This picture is the view you first see. It was amazing!! As soon as you exist the car you inhale the wonderful smell of lavender. I also felt like I had entered another country. It has a French country side feeling. The above photo is one that I bought in their small shop. I could not of taken a picture like this as the smoke had filled in around the place. The views would be spectacular if only I could see this.
I did buy some Lavender as it is a great thing to put in with your wool yarn. Deters moths and is much nicer when you pull out a skein of yarn with the smell. Beats using moth balls!!
This farm is open from June 16th till July 20, this year. They close it to the public at that time so they can harvest the lavender and dry it. Groups of painters come to paint the views and the art work is hanging inside the small building. As you enter the building you are handed a cup of Lavender Tea. In the last year they had a wonderful write up in Sunset Magazine.
Now if I had been prepared I could of taken a basket and gone out to cut my own Lavender. I was not! So I purchased some bagged and some lavender still on stems. There is a wonderful fountain there and tables with lavender umbrella's to sit under and enjoy the view. Next time I go I will be prepared with my lunch and such items I need to walk out and cut my own.
The link to this place above, shows you some other amazing shots of the fields and of course the mountain. I bought the small picture I posted above as there was no way I was bringing home a photo of smoke to post.