Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If it can go wrong it will

I would usually be uploading a picture or two cuz I know you hate reading books with out them, but since my windows program is all screwed up I won't be doing that today.

I will just be using my words. I wanted to post photo's of grandson's graduations. Julien graduated the 8th grade this year. Shelby also graduated but they did not have a ceremony. The oldest grandson, Mason, graduated from high school in VA.

His duty during the ceremony was to introduce the guest speaker. I have now seen a video of this and he did a terrific job. The guest speaker was one very important person in our recent lives. Colin Powell!!! It was just so terrific to see the video and I can't even share it with you.

Tis the season, if it can fall apart it will. First: The airbag light is on in my little car. I can not get it in for repair till next week. Which means I am traveling this weekend to see Mother, with out airbags in my little bug.
Second: My computer has burped or something, and my windows program is not working well at all. I will have to bribe Mr. "T" (for techno) over to help set up a new hard drive and see if he can retrieve what ever it is that got lost.
Third: My I pod laid down and attempted to die on me. Now I can't do yard work with out being plugged into tunes, it is just miserable not having something pleasant in my ears when I am cussing loudly at all the huge thorns on the bushes I am trying to get rid of.
Fourth: The shawl I was trying so hard to finish to take to Mother, had a problem. A BIG problem. I tinked back 4 rows, and I finally bagged it up and went to 'Filati's' while the boss was in today. She spent 2 hours correcting the errors of my way. Janice is an amazing knitter and I can vouch for it after her work on my mess today. Janice, THANK YOU!!
I am one lucky person to work with someone that is that good at a hobby she loves so much, she has a business to bring the outstanding yarns to others.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Home from a great trip. Actually am slow in writing, but have been home now for a week. See the above photo. That is 5 grands from the east coast and some old lady in the photo, taken Mothers Day. I had such a wonderful time. Weather was just perfect. I got lots of time to see kids and the little guy and I did just great together for days while I watched him. We went for lots of walks, down to the LYS and also down to Dad's office. Ever reluctant to leave there, this time I got a 2 day delay as I got some bug. Daughter in law took charge, sent me to Kaiser and got me a new flight home. Not a good way to prolong a vacation, let me tell you.

Had great visits with the girls at DC Stitches, and found a comfortable place to sit down and knit. My friend named "Knittingcats" on Twitter, needs to venture to the shop. And the weekend Craft Fair and Flea Market is always an enjoyment to wander thru. Even had a fruit crepe that was outstanding for breakfast one morning.

I can check off one more site in DC that I finally got to visit. Talked son into going up to the National Cathedral. I have always wanted to see it. Much bigger than I had thought it would be and it has been a work in progress for many many yrs. The windows were beautiful, the marble floors outstanding. There were reg tourist groups visiting. Jeff, Jackson and I just wandered and looked. Then we went up to visit the towers with such outstanding views of Washington DC.

Am back home and at work on both jobs again. The sixteen yarn shops in this area are holding a 'Yarn Shop Hop' starting tomorrow, June 3rd. We will be busier at work. Right now going into the summer season things quiet down some during this time of the year. Yarns, books and new buttons beeing ordered for fall.

Happy Birthday Mason!!

Jackson below looking as beautiful as he alway does. He takes sign language classes with his mother every Sat and it is so sweet watching him doing his little signs.