Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Drive

Another drive up Interstate 5. So many people out there never think of California's farm lands and how wide open the spaces are north of Sacramento. By August, I will be driving thru rice fields, tomato fields, sun flower fields and on and on with the crops. The trucks will be hauling in produce, fruit and all sorts of things those same people will be eating throught out the winter and never realize where it came from. About half way between where I live and Mom's house there are even groves of olive trees, walnut orchards and peach orchards. Something you don't see in to many parts of the country are olive trees. I will be driving by Shasta Lake. A huge body of water that will be so low yet this year as we are not having the winter storms we normally have. The Sacramento River is dammed up at Shasta Lake. The river actually starts at the little town of Mt. Shasta, in a small park. The river from Mt. Shasta to the lake, looks much like any mountain river. Flowing over rocks down through canyons, along the railroad tracks. Beautiful country. After the water flows through Shasta Dam, it becomes a big wide calm river flowing down the valley through so many small towns. By the time the river reaches the Delta it starts to spread out more. Driving this trip I cross the Sacramento River 7 times. (the details I count on this drive) I will make every attempt to take photo's along the way to post. I will be gone for a few days, taking care of Mother. Keep knitting and enjoy the sunshine.

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