Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yes it is spring

Yes, it is spring in some parts of the world. This was taken some weeks ago in Dunsmuir, CA at the park. I am using it today as I am not sure some of you across the country really beleive spring has sprung. The snow storms continue to pound areas that must of given up hope of hanging up the winter jackets, putting away the scarves and gloves and seeing flowers bloom and sun shining.
Thursday, Friday and Sat saw me with paint brush and roller in hand. I finally have finished all this room except the woodwork. I can do that in small hours this week after work. I have also been shopping for shutters for the new windows. When the room is done and back together I will then post a photo. Mean time imagine. I love the color daughter picked out. Its bright clean and the entire room looks larger than it did before. I am shopping for an old piece of furniture to store yarn in. I know what I want and can see it in my mind. That doesn't mean I can afford it. I will send my search team out to the flea market next weekend on a mission. The contractor has completed this round of household remodel. Now I need to do the finishing touches and start saving for my next plans for house. By the time I finish this place I won't want to ever move from here. Its getting to be more and more my secret hide out from the world. The peace and solitude I have always wanted to escape to. I am even finding the planning and working for each step exciting.
Knitting Content: I am working on the fingerless glove for the young girl at work. She bought the yarn and asked nicely. She is also learning to knit but doesn't feel she is ready for DPN's. I will finish the first glove tonight and get the second cast on. I can probably finish it up one evening this week. I want to get back to my sweater. I want to work on it when I go back up to Mothers.

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