Thursday, April 19, 2007

Last Days of the Frog Pond

Last night was the next to last Chicks with Sticks group to meet at the Frog Pond. Also only have one more Tues afternoon knit out at that location. We are going to continue to meet at some different places till we find a resturant or coffee place that won't kick us out after a couple of hours. Strange how this knitting group of friends have all settled into our favorite chairs at the Frog Pond. The panic of losing contact with each has passed, and now its where and when for most of us. Those that work need at least one nite a week to meet and those of us that work from time to time, like afternoon meet ups. It will all fall into place. The shop appears to emptying out of yarn. Sale has continued since the announcement. But as some bins empty out all eyes turn to somewhere else with some other idea in mind to knit. The Cascade wall is narrowing down on colors. The felters have grabbed alot of it. I have only 2 more felted bags I want to try and now have yarn for both. I am almost done with second sock. (that in its self is amazing for me) I havn't had the second sock sickness with this pair for some reason. I doubt there will be enough winter left to wear these socks though. This weekend is about painting the window casings in Studio and moving the last of the stuff back in here. I do want to search for some different kind of shelving. Cheap, easy to move, easy to lift and all those kind of things. And now we will return to our regularly scheduled knitting.

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cher said...

Don't forget you can always come visit us at the Wednesday night Chicks with Sticks. We meet at Panera's and the new Teaz me Tea. Email for more info if you wanna come. We'd love to have you!