Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th and Painting

Happy and Safe Friday the 13th. Watch those ladders and black cats. Stay safe. I havn't posted much as I have been busy with the studio/office. By busy I mean painting, taping, cleaning up after contractor. I can hardly stand to walk through my living room to get here. The computer is the only remaining item here. Which I cover with lots of plastic, then uncover read a few blogs and email and back under the plastic bags. The new windows are wonderful. (pictures to follow later) The white primer that is currently on the walls makes this room look twice the size and sooooo nice and bright. I will stop today and get the paint. It will be a nice French Vanilla flavor..... errrrrr color. The built in desk/cabinets will remain wood color or what ever this paneling is on it. I can't tell you the difference in this room. It feels so solid now that I know wind and rain can't enter it. I have beautiful 4 inch wide baseboard around the floor and nice window casings with great trim. Its amazing the change here. Have a great weekend..... I will be the one on the ladder with roller in hand. OH and yes this is a knitting blog, I did finish one sock this week and did cast on for the second one.

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Courtney said...

Have fun painting... post pictures soon :-)