Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hand Painted Sheep

Awww sheep already in colors. Now that would be a great way to pick your yarn for next project.
Yesterday was our last Tuesday Knitting group at the Frog Pond. We sat amid boxes of yarn, and shoppers filling bags of sale yarn. The shelves are starting to look empty. But the Knit Pit, where we sit and knit, looks the same. We are busy with plans to move to other locations and knit. Some for evening knit alongs and some for the Tuesday afternoon group. Next week we shall be meeting at the Quary Pond Mall. Right next door to where I work. I think it was planned as all the reg knitters know I can't drive far with out getting lost. I only hope everyone continues to search us all out so we won't lose contact. I beleive Judy, AKA the swatch nazi, will even be rejoining our group. I think of her more as the Queen of Cables. The more cables the happier that lady is. Miss Violet will actually be able to sit and knit with us instead of working. Wonders if she will be handling my 911 emergency knitting snafu's. The Weds nite group meets for the last time tonight at Frog Pond. Next meetup night will be at Miss Violets house. (guess I can't refer to her as the Head Frog anymore)
I ended up buying some Noro Sakura on the 50% off rack and have been using 2 skiens of this to knit the 1 skien shawl from Knitters Review. (go figure 2 for 1) Easy knitting, great gifts. So I purchased enough for 4 of them. For me these are great group knitting projects. You can't hardly make a mistake and at that price you can't go wrong.
Strange that I am leaving this Friday to go back north to Mothers and my knitting is packed, but I havn't a clue what I will take for clothes. I am always more worried about arrive somewhere with out yarn than if I end up naked after I arrive, or worse yet wearing dirty clothes for days on end. Car will get serviced today and I will do some laundry and pack some clothes..... promise not to shock the world.

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