Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day and Some Knitting

Happy Earth Day. This sign is in my back yard. When I moved from Nevada City 2 yrs ago, I brought this sign with me. I see it out my kitchen window when I look at the roses each day. It makes me smile when I think of Vik, Ani, Denis and Jane. My friends who have all moved from the apartment units also. Life does move on. They were all there for me. My family, my support system. A picture of some green outdoors to share with you today. I do recycle plastic, alum, and this month managed to get a free month of natural gas from PG&E. This is for saving so much on my winter usage. Second year in a row I have gotten a free month. Makes me feel good the money is in my pocket and not theirs.

I would like to introduce you to Duncan. He is a 30 lb cat who's house I get to live in. As long as I bring home food and kitty litter. He has been with me for about 7 years now. Also he has been on a diet for 7 years. His day is spent following me from room to room attempting to beg for more food. I have tried to teach him to read the clock so he can see its not 5 pm, time for second helping of food. Just isn't working.

Knitting on these fun fun socks. The have gone fairly fast as they are on a size 3 needle. I think the pattern came off the internet in 2001. But I managed to find a kit for these socks at Stitches West in 2006. Most socks I knit are on size 1 or 1 1/2 size needles. I hope to finish them up tonight. Then I will go back to my sweater. I need to learn how to finish off the shoulders with short rows so I can do a 3 needle bindoff. Its lays so much smoother than binding off then sewing the front and back together later. I also have pictures of windows and the part of studio that has gotten painted. I will share next time.

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