Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Last and the First

The last Chicks with Sticks or in my case Old Hen with pointy things, was held last Weds nite at the Frog Pond. The sale continues. People never stopped buying. I was amazed to watch them. I don't think the Head Frog got out from behind the counter one minute the entire evening. I can't remember the last time I saw her with knitting in her hands, unless she was fixing someone's problem. The rest of us continued to knit and shop.

Good bye to the Frog Pond. We will all miss you and miss the hours of knitting we accomplished there. April 30th was the last day.

May 1st, HELLO to the new groups springing up !!!! We had our first,out in the open, shopping for new knitting locations, today. We gathered at Peets Coffee Shop at the new Quarry Pond Center. It is right next door to where I work. I can actually walk there across the parking lot. There is some great food for lunch. We even had some new ones join us and for the time being this will be the new Tuesday knitting group. I have named us the 'OC Knitters'. Most of us are slightly obsessed with yarn. I think this will be fun. The Swatch Nazi has joined us. The Sunday afternoon knitting group will meet at the Starbucks. I think we are all slightly determined to not lose contacts with new friends. It was a great afteroon. (to bad I forgot my camera)

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