Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yarn and more Yarn

Todays Photo is of the 'Head Frog' at the Frog Pond Yarn Shop!
Well I have done it now!!!!!!! I bought more yarn this month then I have in months. Was I making up for no yarn shopping? What was I thinking???? But its not bought at random, its all assigned a pattern and to a person. One may turn into daughter's Christmas present for 2007. I am currently finishing up a pair of VooDoo gloves, from They are the pink ones for granddaughter. Monday was a holiday so my knitting friend and I went to lunch in a new place, dragging in our large knitting bags. Our plan was for a salad and a couple hours knitting. We had no idea if we would be asked to move on as we tied up a small part of a table, but alas all we got was questions and knitting discussions with others also enjoying a lunch hour. We think this might become a 'habit'.... since we were not kicked out. We do want to 'test knit' extended knitting times at a couple of other places so we have a choice when the mood so moves us. Tuesday was regular knitting day at the LYS. The usual crowd was there and lots of laughs. I do believe we are often referred to as the Tuesday Naughty Knitters. We do have to be careful we don't shift into the Xrated mode. I got there early and of course, left late. I am packing up my knitting to travel this weekend. I am taking a shrug that is classified as 'mindless' knitting and also the yarn to start a clapotis for myself. Well actually both items are for me. And you wonder why I don't have more knitting to give family members..........

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