Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Day of Learning and Actual Knitting News

A day of learning how to add photos. So far the only one used is in my profile. Thanks to my LYS owner who is also a whizzzz at computers. I gave up with the instructions that came with Blogspot and reached out for a human to 'splain it to me. I also spent about 3 hours at my LYS and only bought one item. Amazing!! Not that I am on a yarn diet, in fact I may be the only human in the world not on ANY kind of a diet during the month of January. I did get some knitting done and visited with other knitters. I do have a picture on my camera of the Frog Pond. My next attempt will be to put it in the blog.
I have been working on fingerless gloves. I did several sets of the Fetching Gloves from Knitty. I know several who have made them and they do knit up fast. Daughter loved hers I made for Christmas. I then revised the pattern and made myself some gray ones and my Granddaughter wants 'pink' ones. Everything she wants will be pink. "Pink is the new black" is her statement. I also bought some old wooden purse handles at an antique shop. I am sitting here with graph paper and stitch books in front of me planning a bag. I am going thru a stage I have to change every pattern I attempt, so will stick with easy ones.
There was lots of talk about Stitches West today which made me realize I am not sure if I am going to get to travel by train to the Bay Area or will be up north with family. Shall wait and see what happens.
Next step is to become more comfortable adding photo's and other thingys to Blog.

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