Thursday, January 11, 2007


Finally a week of knitting. Catching up on lots of small projects and, sad to say, I have one Christmas gift to complete. I tried to cancel Christmas this year, nobody listened to me. I will start with WP's. I have 2 sets of fingerless gloves, one will also have a scarf. I have 3 single socks done. (I tell ya I have second sock syndrome) One pair of socks is daughters and she is starting to nag, somewhat, for them to be completed. The pair for her were standard cuff down. During the time of making them, I learned toe up and love the fit of them so much better that I am having hard time switching back to finish this one sock. I also have a shrug half done and yarn in bags staring at me for 2 sweaters and a clapoti. I also have yarn for 2 more pairs of socks. Summer will be here before they are knitted. The January sale at the LYS got to me!!! I have got to stay away from there till the sale is over. I say that knowing the chance of it happening. I go the yarn shop for a shot of adrenlin.
I am happy to say I have learned HOW to download pictures to my computer but now realize I have no program to manage sizing and fixing of photo's. They are a HUGE amount of K which would fill 2 standard 17 inch monitors. I am now shopping for cheap but good software for such photo's. I am glad I didn't toss computer and printer out window last week.
A week from today I will be going back up to Mothers. Son is flying out and will drive me north. That is 10 hours of free knitting time I can look forward to, along with time enjoying son. I do think daughter will be there same weekend. I don't often get my 2 kids alone. When I talked to Mother last night she sounded like her old self. Hard to believe in the middle of Dec we did not know if she would be with us for Christmas. She is the strongest little lady I have ever known. I only hope I can live like she has. So many friends have turned out daily to support us by not leaving her alone to many days in a row. They all go visit daily and arrange their visits to cover each day of the week. She has a terrific group of friends around her, she is blessed.
Next time I hope to put a pic or 2 on this blog.

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