Sunday, January 14, 2007


Most of yesterday's handling of knitting needles involved TINKING. I have never been brave enough to just slide the needles out and RIPIT. I am just sure I will never regain all those precious little stitches back in order. I should never do cables when I am at a knitting meet up. Friday Nites Time Needlers is to full of chatter to concentrate. I must remember to maintain a bag of 'mindless' knitting to take. I undid everything I had knitted in 2 hours and re knitted it last nite. There for I lost 24 hours of being productive........shame on me.
This is a wonderful 3 day weekend. It is freezing outside but nice in the house. I have done some major cleaning and would love the organizing fairy to appear and put it all back in order in plastic containers and labeled. I just seem to never get that final touch done. I envy people who can let go of things. I need to do more of that, and then organizing would come easier. I am off to fold 3rd load of laundry. I will leave you with a picture of my LYS and a group picture of the owner attempting to teach us all she knows !!!!

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