Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Trip was Great

A wonderful weekend was had by all. Four days with just my 2 kids, staying in a wonderful B&B, that was my Grandmothers house when I was growing up. We had great weather and the best thing ever happened. My Mother is up and walking. She is doing it with help now, but on her way to walking on her own soon, I am sure. Seeing Mother after 3 weeks we could all see such a huge improvement in her. I do need to get her to the beauty shop for a hair cut, but on the whole she looooooked wonderful. I got my 10 hours of knitting in by wearing my brand new ear light that I bought at the Discovery Store. I recommend them to others who read, knit or what ever. It works better than a book light as its actually on your right ear, therefore not weighing the book down. I worked on the Clapotis and its coming right along I am on set 4 on section 3. Amazing the routine of the pattern is in play and I can get several rows a setting done. Tonight 'Felted' and I are going to Chicks with Sticks. I wonder am I to old to be considered a chick? Should I be looking for an 'Old Hen's with Sticks' group? That would break my heart!!!
On the really exciting NEW news side of life. I guess I will be doing lots of small knitting for a while. Small as in size. Newborn even. I will know soon when it will be born. I will be a Grammie for the 7th time. Since I have 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters, I don't care which it is. I just need to know the color plan soon.
Today's photo is me sitting on my grandmothers lap at the house we stayed at this last weekend.

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