Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Very Little Knitting News

Very little knitting going on at my house. I seem to have trouble staying focused. It may have something to do with my Mother being so ill and the fact I would like to toss my fairly new Dell computer/printer out the nearest window. First Mother, she is 87 and failing. I feel so frustrated I can't do something to make life better and like it use to be for her. The last year has been so hard on her. Her personal privacy has been taken from her and for a very tiny, very private lady it is tough to watch. Two yrs ago she lived alone in the house my father built for her. Fifteen months ago I had to move her to an assisted living facility. The food was never to her liking, but she was safer than alone out in the woods, living in a house on the side of a hill. It is not easy making decisions for a parent. That was their job all our lives, making choices for us kids. As to the computer, why do I let a machine get to me so. I got a new camera with a photo program and when I download pictures I seem to not be able to find them later. Its like they go poof. I also scanned in a photo of my Grandmother Mollie to send someone and now it is missing. Good thing I still have the hard copy of the photo.

The next thing is GOALS. Small ones. Learn more about my camera, learn to save pictures where I can find them. Learn to download pictures into this blog and how to add side bars (or what ever techno term they are really called).

Son will be returning to the west coast the 18th of January and will take me back north to see Mother. I do like not having to drive the 5 hours alone. I am lucky to have such good kids.

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