Thursday, April 02, 2009

Once a Month

It appears I am posting once a month. Mostly cuz I can't download photos from my camera as I need to clear out my files to give myself room on the hard drive. BUT this picture arrived in the mail this morning. Its Mr. JST in person. Don't ya love the dirty sock and saggy diaper. I believe he is headed upstairs to get dressed for the day. I will be flying back on May 6th, to take care of him for a week while his nanny is on vacation. Not going to be the tiny baby I took care of a year ago, I feel this is going to be a work out following someone this busy.

I have been knitting as fast as I can. Trying to finish up the wool projects so I can move into the area of cotton before the heat arrives.

For those of you that have not visited Filati's lately you will be in for a delightful surprise!!! The 'real' Janice has done a whole new lay out of the yarn. And does it ever look GRAND! We are gearing up for our sale which starts April 16th. Put it on your calendar. We will be ready for you.

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