Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching up!

Been awhile hasn't it. Time flies when you are having fun. Working 2 jobs and attempting to knit maybe 10 rows on a sweater in a week. I am sorry I seem to be falling behind. Do you realize I have been keeping this blog for 2 yrs now? That is a huge commitment..... and surprisingly you are not all bored yet!!!
The above Mr. Teddy is one I knitted for Jackson's first birthday which was Feb 7, 2009. Yes the little guy is growing. I was thinking I would have a couple birthday photo's to share with you but not yet. The sweater was also his birthday present. I do have photo's of him with these items but for some reason, in my very limited ability, I can't get them to transfer from the Kodak acct son sends them to. The little sweater and bear were fun to create. I have little blue ladybugs for buttons on the upper shoulder for easier access for his head. Why is it babies have such big heads when they are so small yet.

Jackson is now walking and I received 2 darling video's of him doing so. Such a star!!!

Other grandkids are all doing great. Mason, who is now 18, has applied to 7 colleges and as of this date has been accepted to 4 of them. Two of the colleges are on the west coast but in the state of Washington and Oregon. Shelby seems to keep getting the best ever grades and has 4 yrs of high school ahead of her. Harrison is busy being Jackson's big brother. Its a job he takes very serious and will be the one to teach him the important things. Soccer and such. Julien turned 14 last week and I had a great time taking him shopping for his present. What does an old lady know about buying clothes and such for a 14 year old. Kelsey as always is the family artist. She is so easy to shop for.

Last but not least I leave you with 2 photo's of Jackson. He got his first car for Christmas this year. This is one that doesn't go out on the highway. Just bulldozes everything in the house.

Mason is teaching Jackson all about opening gifts. First you have to read who the gift is for then who sent it before shredding the wrapping paper. Jackson is listening to every word his brother tells him.

I will update with birthday photo's soon!!!!

Ok Felted you can stop with the nagging now.

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