Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If it can go wrong it will

I would usually be uploading a picture or two cuz I know you hate reading books with out them, but since my windows program is all screwed up I won't be doing that today.

I will just be using my words. I wanted to post photo's of grandson's graduations. Julien graduated the 8th grade this year. Shelby also graduated but they did not have a ceremony. The oldest grandson, Mason, graduated from high school in VA.

His duty during the ceremony was to introduce the guest speaker. I have now seen a video of this and he did a terrific job. The guest speaker was one very important person in our recent lives. Colin Powell!!! It was just so terrific to see the video and I can't even share it with you.

Tis the season, if it can fall apart it will. First: The airbag light is on in my little car. I can not get it in for repair till next week. Which means I am traveling this weekend to see Mother, with out airbags in my little bug.
Second: My computer has burped or something, and my windows program is not working well at all. I will have to bribe Mr. "T" (for techno) over to help set up a new hard drive and see if he can retrieve what ever it is that got lost.
Third: My I pod laid down and attempted to die on me. Now I can't do yard work with out being plugged into tunes, it is just miserable not having something pleasant in my ears when I am cussing loudly at all the huge thorns on the bushes I am trying to get rid of.
Fourth: The shawl I was trying so hard to finish to take to Mother, had a problem. A BIG problem. I tinked back 4 rows, and I finally bagged it up and went to 'Filati's' while the boss was in today. She spent 2 hours correcting the errors of my way. Janice is an amazing knitter and I can vouch for it after her work on my mess today. Janice, THANK YOU!!
I am one lucky person to work with someone that is that good at a hobby she loves so much, she has a business to bring the outstanding yarns to others.


Nashe' said...

U are awesome and im following your blog now .. i love how you knit and talk lovingly about your grands !!! so glad to meet you ! i am a knitter also ..happy knits !

Emma said...

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