Friday, May 08, 2009

Here I am!!

Here I am, in Washington, DC, being a Grammie. I love it here and was asked to come back and take care of the now 15 month old baby while his reg nanny goes on
a vacation. We have lunch dates scheduled, yarn shops to visit and serious fun for the 2 of us next week. I also get hugs and love from the 4 older kids. Mason leaves soon for college, Shelby is getting taller and still loves soccer, Harrison also plays soccer. Lindsay is the same. Love her lots. I will come up with a few new photo's soon of Jackson's California/Oregon travels. He was a very busy boy for a few weeks traveling.
I also hope soon to get an external hard drive for my computer so I can again download some knitting photos. I have finished a Noro, top down, cardi that I really like. I finished it up in time to bring with me east. Also finished up a pair of small socks. Half sock for myself done at LAX Weds nite as what was to be a 2 hour lay over became a 5 hour lay over. I am know knitting on a summer top from the new Interweave Knits. Using Hempathy Yarn and love the feel of it knitted up. Met a new knitter here in DC. Met her first time yrs ago but didn't know she knitted. I hope to get her started on a cotton sweater, top down before I leave. In today's age I am just a phone call away. More to be posted later.

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