Monday, April 07, 2008

Who am I?

I may be changing the blog name soon. I haven't knitted a stitch in 4 days!! Who has time when they are struggling to remember how to speak to adults. I am loving this day time job with such a great lookin guy to spend a quiet day with in my room. Sounds good huh? Brunch out on Sundays. Shopping with a bunch of grand kids. Life is great! I went for an hour walk tonight just looking at all the houses on the Capitol Hill. Most are way over a 100 years old. This place just brings out the history buff in me, and I am so lucky to have a son who has taken the time to know the city he lives in and can tell me about most old places we see as we are riding around, taking kids to soccer, piano lessons or what ever. The family here is watching a series on HBO called John Adams. I am now hooked on it and of course the last in the series is the day after I leave to go home. Another good reason to stay here. LOL. We have had some great family dinners this weekend with all 5 grandkids here. They are the best ever kids. H. is doing so good at school he got an award for outstanding grades. S. always excels at every thing she does. and M is such a good looking guy, driving his own car now. I can't believe he is old enough but he is. L. is just about the same. She holds my hand as we walk along, but never says my name anymore. I think I have only recognized about 3 words she said this time. All in all A GREAT FAMILY!!!!

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Antevasin said...

Isn't being a grammie the best ever!?!? It's obvious you are loving your time there and I see your ear to ear smile in your words. Make sure you take loads of pics (ha! what am I thinking?)...we wanna see when you get back!!