Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day 1

Wow, I survived. Flight was crowded. I had this wild idea that a red eye on a Monday night would not be crowded and there would be a slight chance I could sleep. Even with a couple of Tylenol pms..... no sleep. Landed in rain here and son was there waiting. Home in commute traffic. Its worse here than Sacramento's. Just glad I am not driving in it. Held the baby and had my first cup of coffee. He is so tiny and so adorable. Very snuggly, and I love snuggly babies. My little world is like a studio apt of my own down here. One window allows me to see outside at the world walking by, the trees, the sky. I have a computer of my own even. The only thing this little world is missing is a microwave and coffee pot and I would be staying here. I also forget how much I love Washington DC, till I return each time. I could live here and love the life. You don't need a car, when you have the Metro system, (so clean and easy to use). Yarn shop within 5 blocks, Market places all around on the hill. Son, Grandson and myself loaded up the stroller and walked over to Eastern Market so I have what food I need, back home and his parents were gone to work 2 hours after I got here. We were on our own!!!! After a few bottles, a few diaper changes, we both crashed for a 2 hour nap. I slept 10 hours last night and am ready for my second day as a Grammie/Nanny. Could this be a full time job for me??? will let you know after 3 weeks.

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