Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 3 & 4......oh gawd they are bleinding together

Oh I realized I did not write this morning, and I know some of you are unable to start your day with out coffee and an update of my life. The thrills and chills of it all. Day 3 started out very much blending into day 2. I fed Jack about 3 in the after noon and he appeared to not be much interested in a nap so I put him in the Sling bag, which looks like a large Messenger bag. Jeff went out one time and was chatting with a friend when Jackson let out a yowl in the bag, and the guy Jeff was talking to jumped back and asked what he had in his bag. Jeff showed him and he was startled to see a baby!! Ok, back to me, I thought how hard can it be to carry a 7 1/2 lb baby in this lovely man messenger bag, and wander up to Eastern Market and buy a few groceries and fix dinner? Its only 2 1/2 blocks... So off we went. The left shoulder was carrying the weight, with the neck helping. And snug in his bag wrapped in a cozy blankie his Grammie made for him, Jack went out like a light. Well folks the 24 lb kid really started getting heavy about a block out. Now this is disgusting. I can't be in that bad of shape, can I? On I marched, Jack snoozing in his nest... and by the time I reached Eastern Market, that kid had to weigh in at 47 lbs. I wanted to purchase some stuff that wouldn't weight a lot to carry back. 4 chicken breasts, l 1/2 lbs of stew meat. A few small red taters, and a couple small scones. I stashed the wallet back in the bag with the baby, knowing it was weighing in lighter now and started home.. I beleive this kid must be big enough to start Kindergarten now. And dayum who knew 1 1/2 stew meat could weigh up to 9 lbs or more. After the 11 mile hike back home, up hill both ways, I was glad to see the front door of the house and hear the dayum dogs barking at me even. I started dinner. I fed Jack his last bottle. His mother was due home soon. SURPRISE! The Senate was in session till very late last night and his mother/father and couple brothers and sisters didn't show up till 10:30 PM. Yeah I told Jack, the milk supplier was going to be a no show for his dinner. He didn't believe me, so at the appointed time he was to have a bottle still no Mom and milk. He let me know how mad he was at them all wasting tax payers money, and let go with a good healthly lung excercise. I made one of them thar Executive Decisions. (Lots of those happen in DC, believe me) and I searched and found a can of formula.... yes Jack had a meal in a can..... not a boob. So far he has survived this trauma!
Today was the day I had all 5 grandkids, son and daughter in law at home. I cooked, I baked I acted like a real Grammie!! Imagine that.

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Antevasin said...

Too funny Janice! Hey, I joined the gym at the sports center so I can hopefully be in shape for my new grammie duties come October..hehe It sounds like you're having a blast and I'm so glad for you. Your Wednesday night group misses you though...:=)