Thursday, April 24, 2008

Attempting to Return to the Knitting Side of Life

This was a wonderful neighborhood to visit, I hated leaving. You can walk so many places, catch a Metro ride if you want to go further out then the local neighborhood. I would walk most days and only used Metro once. You can walk to the market, couple good book stores and just about anything else you wanted to see. I did go down to the Library of Congress one Sat. They were opening an the Thomas Jefferson Library. Was beautiful, well done with most of his books reclaimed or replacements found. I also went to the Newseum that opened the second week I was there. It is a will laided out Museum of the history of the media. Great exhibits and I really enjoyed it. The 3 weeks I was there went very fast and before I knew it I was back at the airport on my way home.

This little guy was the main focus of my visit. Here he is saying "pardon me but who are you again". Such a serious look. It was most difficult leaving him behind as I know how much they grow and change in just a few weeks. The other kids are much like they were when I saw them last year. One of the teens is driving now and the other is in the 7th grade discovering the start of the teen age years. I spent most hours with the baby and he was learning to recognize me. His biggest smile was for his mother when she came home from work. Meal time ya know!!
I have gone back to a few of my knitting groups. Tuesday we had a special gathering as Little Kathy had gotten married while I was gone. So there was gifts for her to open. Also CC had returned from her Paris trip and we needed an update of all she saw and did on her trip of a lifetime. I think she enjoyed herself even though she said she didn't see ONE single yarn shop. Who wants to worry about yarn when in Paris. Plans were made for some of us to go to the Yarn Shop Hop. Next Weds we shall go to the 2 shops in Elk Grove and the following Friday we shall be going up to Grass Valley and Nevada City. I always get very homesick when we go up there. Last night I went to Chicks with Sticks and we had a nice turn out. I am waiting for my body to adjust back to west coast time. I was dragging myself home and to bed at 8 pm..... so knitting is slow. I do have a baby shower coming up and trying to figure out if I have time to do a blanket. Hmmmmm do I commit to starting this or just shopping for a gift?
Am also back to work, and playing catch up. Desk was stacked and am glad to know business is picking up somewhat. We need that. Things are bad all over and I see doors closing on the small business man again and again. I am also playing catch up on yard work. Dayum stuff grew like someone fertilized the entire place when I wasn't looking. Spring time always is a race to keep things cut back before it takes over the house. I see a decline in knitting time till we move into the heat of summer and things struggle to survive. I will also be making a trip back up to Mothers over Mothers Day weekend. Lots to do. Have fun and keep those needles moving, (even if I am not)!!!

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Antevasin said...

Love love love the pic Janice!! Brownstones are so cool..takes ya back to a time when you knew who your neighbors were. Only thing missing in the pic are the little girls jump roping or playing hopscotch and the boys playing stickball or kick the can in the street!
And that baby!!!! So much hair for such a little guy! He is just too adorable!!!!