Sunday, August 05, 2007

Under the Influence

How's that for a title. It was sale week for one yarn shop. I restrained myself and bought yarn for one sweater. Like I don't have 2 others here to knit already, and some yarn stash that is, in my mind, planned for a couple sweaters. Felted, SS Char and myself had a grand time digging through the yarn bins, planning and then off to Starbucks to actually do some knitting. Now we have to come home and face a few dozen yards of more yarn. I am currently looking for a speed knitting class out there in the yarn world. Anyone know of one?
But I felt better after I saw the lady with all the Koigu yarn stacked by color out on the floor. Now Koigu was not on sale, but this young lady is from Ohio and unable to locate Koigu yarn in any of her yarn shops locally. I was a little taken back on a busy shopping day, first day of yarn sale, to see all this yarn stacked and laying out on the floor. I felt like Paul Harvey, I had to know the REST of the story, so yesterday I went back out to this yarn shop and my first question was........ what happened to the Koigu Lady? Well it turns out it was a great sale for the shop. The lady bought 50 skeins of this yarn which is 175 yds for about 13.95 a skein. Now that is a purchase!!!!! I felt much better knowing I had bought far less. The arrangements for this yarn are to be shipped to her home.... arriving a day her husband is at work, I am betting.
I am close to finishing the Henley Sweater. The top down from Knitting Pure and Simple. I am still very happy with the ease of knitting this sweater is. Which since I was on muscle relaxers and pain meds for about a week, was a good thing. So the point here is, Knitting under the influence can be done with right pattern and yarn. I am finishing the second sleeve, and neck band today. The sweater has been tried on so I could measure to make the sleeve 3/4 length. I have plenty of yarn and will like that length better. I love the fit. I am ready to start something else and am waiting for Felted to finish her shawl so we can cast on for the doctors bag. That will be a good portable travel project for next week even if it is wool.
Time to pick up sticks, stitches are waiting to be made.

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Courtney said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend too :-) See you at Chicks