Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nottin' of Importance

Strange week. Doctor said take it easy and so I did. I was working on Pure and Simple top down Henley pattern with some Paton's Cotton Top yarn (that I got free at the yarn frenzy last fall). I was knitting the body part in the round and it was great mindless, pain medicated knitting.
Friday Nite Needlers are talking of doing the EZ Surprise Baby Sweater as a knit along. The Guru will be leading us in this and gives everyone a chance to use up scraps of yarn. For others it will be the first sweater of any kind. This has minimal finishing so a great place to start learning to advance past scarves and blankets. A couple of our people only seem to crochet so we are encouraging them to take on the Larger Than Life Crocheted Bag. Have found a CAL on line that they can refer to and see if they can find the pattern.
Last Tues 4 of us got together and went to see one LYS, Babbetta's, new store. She had moved over the 4th weekend to a bigger place in the same complex. The lighting is better and it appears the amount of yarn has grown or maybe its just easier to see. Since they have no drop in knitting place we went over to the coffee shop and knitted for couple hours. I miss knitting in the store.... so many times you sit there with others and see things you want to try and wander store and end up shopping instead of knitting. Seems to be a good way for shop to make more money but this appears to not be of concern here. And on the other hand........a desperate knitter doesn't spend more money!! The positive side.
Am waiting to hear from Felted regarding Lambstown gathering from yesterday. I couldn't handle the car ride or heat to go... She will most likely come home with great yarn and make me feel worse for missing it !!!!!!! again a money savings for me.
I promise to get up to speed soon. Maybe even picture of FO.

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