Sunday, August 26, 2007

Results are in !!

Results are in and I am not good at remembering to take pictures! I can't hardly even remember to take photo's of completed knitting projects.... so on that unhappy note I only have words to discrib our Thursday Road Trip.
Felted, SSChar and myself made the trip up Hwy 49 first going to Nevada City. It was fun to see Meadow Farms Yarn Shop again, even if they had moved. I don't know that they have as much space as they did before. Maybe a little more space for the back room. I did violate the look only, no buy rule I had set for myself. I got some sock yarn for a baby boy. 1 small skein of Panda Cotton from Crystal Palace Yarns. Colorway is shades of blue for a boy. Have not knitted with this before so will be a test drive for me. I also bought Knitting Pure & Simple Neckdown Wrap Cardigan pattern. This one is fairly new and I am so addicted to top down knitting. This will be my third sweater knitted top down.
Next stop was Ben Franklin. They still carry a good supply of yarn. Lots of Lions Brand, and of course the standard Red Heart. They also carry Berroco but mostly in the ribbon type. I am not much into ribbon yarn knitting. We did find the little leg posts for our Doctors Bags. Before we had to order them on line.
After lunch we moved on to Fibers in Grass Valley. This shop has also moved since I was last up in Nevada County. It now is on Mill Street and about the same size as before. Felted was on a search for the Mano's yarn for her Doctor Bag. She found her color but not enough for the bag. I again bought a pattern from Berroco for Yin & Yang, a little sweater that is asymmetrical. Very cute.
We also made a stop at Auburn Needleworks. This shop now has a new owner and a change over in yarns is being done. Lots of Cascade, some Mano's and small lots of kinds. Nothing purchased.
Was a fun trip as we always have plenty of laughs to go around. The heat was not enjoyable for me, as it never is. I think the hardest part was not getting homesick seeing Nevada County again. I know I miss living there still.
FO's include a Premmie Hat for a baby shower today. Fast knit and easy in the heat when you don't want to hold 5 lbs of wool on your lap. I also knitted a small pair of baby socks out of some left over sock yarn. I have cast on a small hat in Rowan's Cotton, color blue !! I will be tired of my favorite color after knitting for the new one. I need to get back to my Doctors Bag knitting. One side is completed and have cast on for the other side. Its wool and hot. I am ready for fall, or at least some kind of cool down.
Pictures on next post, as I also need to do some photo's for the Ravelry site. I spend more time there than I should...... whoa is me !!! So much info so little time.... when your yarn stash is threatening to fall over on you.

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