Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not One Stitch Knitted !!

Not one stitch was knitted on this trip to Mom's. I have been spoiled by son and daughter driving and me in the passenger seat knitting the miles away. I didn't take the usual token photo of Mt. Shasta this time as I had a shock when I got to Shasta Lake. See the water level? In all my life I have never seen Shasta Lake this low. About the middle of the below photo you can see a boat loading road that ends at least 30 feet from the water line. Does that mean these boats are there till the rains start again? I am guessing so. When I pulled into Bridge Bay Resort to actually see the water levels I was stunned. First off there was actual parking there. Hardly anyone was there. The low water level has destroyed the tourist industry. I went by this lake the end of June and the difference between then and now just amazes me. The widest part of Shasta Lake now looks like a river. There are a few boats on but there are signs that they can not go over certain speed limits. Water skiers have run out of places to safely water ski.
The above photo is the Pit River Bridge. After the bridge collapse in Minn. several weeks ago I developed a fear of crossing the bridge. But then when I arrived I was just spell bound looking at the lake. Standing down closer to the water and looking up at the bridge did nothing to stop my fear of the bridge falling down. First of all I didn't realize that trains were crossing on the same bridge right under the deck for auto's. Yikes !!!! Maybe I shouldn't of looked at this bridge from this angle.

Back to knitting. Still working on the doctor's bag, which I finally got a part of a picture posted on my Ravelry profile. I do love that Ravelry site but it sure can eat up computer time when you are surfing around on it. I have several WIP, that I am promising all you readers, that are on my completion list. If I promise here is that like taking a oath and do I hold up 2 fingers like I did in Brownie Scouts? If so I am so committed. The Motto for Knitting Scouts should be 'KNIT ON'. (so glad there is no uniform involved) Thank you one and all for holding my feet to the flame on these items.

Off to catch up on laundry and figure out where I am with the sticks and string.

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Courtney said...

Hope you had fun at your moms :-)