Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yarn Crawl

Tomorrow I am going to Grass Valley and Nevada City to visit both yarn shops there. Both have moved to larger locations since I last visited them. Meadow Farms Yarns is in Nevada City and was my LYS for a couple years and it will be great to see Ellen and Eileen again. Fibers is in Grass Valley and I had only visited it once but will look forward to seeing their new location. The other place for good yarn is Ben Franklin. Before I moved from Nevada County this store had expanded into some great yarns and patterns.
The trip is being taken with Felted and SSChar.... which will involve a lot of laughing.
Being I am still recovering from bailing the car outta Auto Jail. I will be going as an observer.
Update on how much Felted and SSChar spend on Friday !!!!!


Courtney said...

Have fun on your trip... I want to visit one of those stores one of these days.

Terry & Jonesy said...

Oooooh I'm so envious! Sandi and I drove all the way up there and both stores were closed (on a Monday)! We only got to "window shop". Have a GREAT time!