Monday, August 13, 2007

No Picture Post, Stash and Cars

This is going to be Stash Knitting month for me. Not that I don't have it to knit, cuz I do. I completed the top down Henley with yarn that I got free from a Yarn Frenzy we had last fall, I have also made a Constant Companion from the same stash. I am currently working on the Doctor's Bag, which I posted a picture of last month or so. I have one side completed. Am making this from Malabrigo, Black Forest colorway, 2 strands of yarn held together. This is not going to take long to finish. Why you ask????
The reason is, along with the stash knitting faze, my car is in car jail. Knitting time really adds up when you can't leave home. Some small red light came on Friday, and I was a half block from home. I hurried into the garage and got the auto manual out. Now reading these manuals are not as easy for me to wade through as a good knitting pattern is. But I did find that the reason the light was on as I needed coolant added. Well that sounds simple does it not? hmmmmm I got up Sat morning called my regular garage and they said come over right now and we will check the coolant levels. $1,400.00 later I will be bailing the car out of their custody. Seems the water pump went out, which leads to new belts, which leads to brake pads being replaced which leads to a general service I knew was due.... which leads to................ on and on and on!!!!!!
So the moral here is to HUG your car today. Give it lots of respect and love. Cuz if you ignore it matters only get worse. I have always been one to stay on top of needed service for the car, baby it with new tires and such. But I have to wake up to realize the little blue bug is 10 yrs old this year and in car years...... thats really old!!!!
The reason no pictures you ask? Need new batteries for camera !!! It just never ends.


Courtney said...

Hope the car feels better :-)

Theresa said...

It must be something in the air. We had to bail hubby's truck out of jail yesterday. Bail was set for a mere $300!