Monday, September 03, 2007

Hot! Heat! and Socks

My only completed knitting in over a week. Blue for a baby boy. This was a fun knit for a couple days. Just a basic little hat and some small socks to match. Mindless knitting in the heat.
During the heat wave I was scheduled to have windows replaced in the kitchen. On the day the largest window was removed we hit a high of 106 degrees. Yeah!! I did alot of wandering around the house...... mumbling, moaning, and am sure whining out loud. So knitting was not getting done at this house. I did catch up on some blog reading and want to send out congrats to Cara who is has announced this morning she is to have a new little one. Her excitement for knitting spreads over all who read her blog. I hope she finds the same excitement in knitting for a little one.
Windows are in, the finish work needs to be done and I am back on track with knitting small items. Nothing for me, as those are big projects are on hold till the heat wave passes. I do tend to be moved by Brooklyntweed's Hemlock Ring Blanket . This man has so much talent its impressive to follow his knitting. Jared has also had his first pattern published in the Fall Interweave Knits.

Leaving you with the next small hat and there is enough yarn for small socks to match. Like I said at the start.... Nice Mindless Knitting at what I hope is near the end of the heat of summer.


Courtney said...

The baby hat is cute :-) I am going to make that blanket also, I am going to make it for Shanes parents :-) Well I hope you have a good monday :-)

cher said...

I love Jared's blanket too! The color, the pattern, its almost too beautiful too use. Maybe I can make one after the child grows up. She'd probably just put it on the floor for the dog to sleep on...