Sunday, July 08, 2007

Re entry to my life

Check this knitting out. Izzy is knitting on the set of Grey's Anatomy. I knew she was one of my favorites for a good reason. Now if we could get her to visit Sacramento and a knit group here. I wonder what she is making?
I have returned from trip to Mom's. Was nice there as house finally has A/C after all these years. Son divided up the time with me in taking care of mother and cooking meals. AND........ I got to sneak off one morning to Ashland, Oregon, for a visit to Websters. First class shop. Plus what ever it is you buy there has no sales tax added. Sort of like getting an extra skein of yarn free. I got one more of my Rowan Books to add to my collection. They are all $20.00's there with, again, no tax. Got to love shopping in Oregon.
Time at Mom's goes fast with taking care of her and the house. I forget how use I am to being alone and doing nothing more but dust a kitchen. We did get Mom down to get her hair done and had lunch out. Son took her to lunch one day, while I made my fast trip over the hill to Ashland. One day we packed a picnic lunch and took Mother down by the Klamath River for a picnic. Made her happy to be by the water.
Knitting consisted of making one small pair of baby socks, Casting on for a EZ Surprise Baby Sweater, not sure I won't be frogging that though. I also frogged the front of the Bump Sweater. Was having trouble getting the short rows going the right direction. Coming home Friday was so hot (106 degrees) that I just couldn't handle yarn while sitting for 5 hours in the car.... wasted time that could of accomplished so much. I also think I was worn out. I slept most of Sat after I got up at 3:30 am to take son and granddaughter to airport. Tomorrow is back to norm and Tuesday back to work. I did take a photo of Mt. Shasta with out much snow on it. But have not downloaded yet. Maybe next post.

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