Friday, July 13, 2007

Mtns, Babies and old Friends

As promised, a picture of Mt. Shasta taken last week. There is little snow left on the mtn and the summer climbers have started to scale the 14,162 ft mtn. My brother has climbed Mt. Shasta several times, and friends from work have also climbed both in summer and in winter months. Through out my life I have heard many stories of the climbs and of the folk lore surrounding this beautiful peak. I am happy just driving to it and looking at its beauty.
I have finished my first top down sweater and made it in mini style. This is for new grandchild and I am looking at doing a couple adult versions. What a relief to not have to seam one part of this sweater. When it comes off the needles you have a few ends to weave in and its over. I used Plymouth Yarn, Encore Colorspun. For a baby its perfect, 75% acrylic/25% wool. I hand washed it in some dish detergent and blocked it last nite. It was dry by noon today and feels so soft and sweet. Again I have no idea if we are having a boy or girl but think this sweater would look great on either.

The small bootie shoes above were a fast to knit up once I had my favorite knitting guru go through the instructions with me. I was having trouble translating the pattern through my brain to my fingers. (also known as operator error) These were made on size 10 double point needles. I may try another pair on smaller needles.
I have frogged and re casted on for the front of the bump sweater. I want to finish this up so I can start a top down summer sweater for myself. By the time I finish it, I will wish it had long sleeves!!
Last nite a few retiree's from the Sheriff's Office had dinner at one of my favorite places outside Nevada City. I didn't hear about it till 3 PM yesterday and the almost 100 mile round trip was just a little much for me to do alone at nite. I hope they do something again soon on a nice fall afternoon. I do have to make a journey up there soon. I miss Nevada City so much and know I will be pulled back into a beautiful place I spent almost 28 years of my life in. There are lots of friends left up there. Plus a storage place holding things I need to deal with. On the bright side there are 3 great yarn shops up there.

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