Saturday, June 30, 2007

Can ya hear Willie Nelson singin.....On the Road Again

Can ya hear me singing? On the Road Again..... or better yet just listen to Willie Nelson singing it. Easier on the ears. I am picking up son at noon at airport, along with grand daughter and we are driving north to see Mt. Shasta and take care of Mother for a week. The knitting is packed, the clothes almost packed. I am dreading the heat of the valley and if my air conditioner in car will hold up. I can survive around here without AC but a long road trip is another story. It is to be 106 upon our return next Friday.
I am sending you fireworks early as I won't be posting from Mom's. I havn't moved that side of my family into the techno stage of life. My brother does not know how to make a cell phone work, and the computer sitting in the basement came over on the Mayflower. Happy Birthday America, and Happy Birthday tomorrow Roo.

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Courtney said...

Beautiful Pictures :-)