Saturday, July 21, 2007

Knitting Friends

A while back I wrote about childhood friends. Another group of people have entered my life. Knitting Friends. I have to say since moving down to Roseville from Nevada City, I have joined a rather large and interesting group of Knitters. The first friend here, I met through a Forum called Knitters Review. She later went on to own the LYS and had to close do to family demands. I still think of her as the Head Frog. At her shop I met other knitters, some knitting for years, some beginners. I think I was in the middle range of knitters. We 'ran' into each other every Tues afternoon. Would knit and laugh together for hours. Days moved into weeks and then into months and as you went in and out of the LYS, you met others. By the time the Frog Pond closed its doors there was a good size group of knitters tied together by a common thread........ Yarn. Nothing more just yarn. We come in all ages, sizes, shapes, from assorted backgrounds. Some we learn first names and never last names. A few of us struggle to keep knitting groups going. Sometimes it succeeds, other times it flounders. We just have not found our little circle of chairs and sofa that we had at the Frog Pond, with the right light, within a comfortable to all driving distance.
On Friday nights, we have the neighborhood knitters, or as they are formly known as the Nighttime Needlers. Again all ages. We share yarn. A few do a great deal of charity knitting. Some use that single hook and crochet. I go all week and maybe see one other of these ladies, but on Friday nights there we are. The Knitting Guru keeps us all on track and fixes our boo boos. We just celebrated one of these beautiful ladies 90th Birthday. At her party we had almost 2 tables of her knitting friends. Made her happy to see us. Her family were so wonderful to us, and we were told how much we are a part of their Mothers life. Feels good to have that kind of needlers for friends.
Today a few of the former Frog Pond Knitters met up. Another LYS has the table, chairs, and today they had the right combo of people laughing and knitting together. We had 4 of us from the old Tuesday group. Two new ladies who work at this LYS. And doing a drop in Guest Appearance was Lou. Lou is the king of lace knitting. An amazing man with small needles and 1000's of yards of tiny lace weight yarn. He pulls up a chair and fits right in with us. We had lunch, back to the shop for a few more rows of knitting and sharing this new bond, again Yarn. We will continue to search for the right group of friends, the right location, winter months approaching and all will be right again in the with a circle of knitting friends.
P.S. Knitting Guru, Lou said to tell you hello

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Doc MM said...

Hi Grammie--
Long time no see. Just wanted to say how much my mom loved the afghan and used it on the Alaska cruise. I too miss those easy knittin nights at the LYS.

Stay well and know I send oodles of love to you and all-MM